FYI Meetings

The Board Calendar had previously listed at Board Work Session on Performance Management before the Board meeting tomorrow. It is no longer listed and I'm assuming it is not happening. So heads up if you had planned to attend.

The regular Board meeting is still scheduled for 6 p.m. I note there seems to be some kind of figure adjustment in the item on the Agenda for the website update costs but I'm not sure what it means.

Also, as a heads up there is to be a Board Work Session next Wednesday, the 28th on International Education from 4-6 p.m. if that is an issue of interest to you.


uxolo said…
Kay Smith-Blum, Seattle School Board Director for District 5, will meet with the Garfield Community on Wednesday April 21 from 8:15-10:00 AM in
the Quincy Jones Auditorium at Garfield High School. Come share your
thoughts and concerns about the budget, the new assignment plan,
curriculum standardization and alignment, and other issues - especially
as they relate to Garfield High School.

We hope to have a good turn-out - thanks to those of you who RSVP'd
already, and we hope more of you will be able to join us for all or part
of the session. Bring your questions and your ideas for improvement!

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