New Tenant for TT Minor?

The Times is reporting that Hamlin Robinson, a non-profit private school that serves students with dyslexia and other language-problem issues, may be leasing the TT Minor building. They had previously put in an application to buy the MLK, Jr. building but got beaten out by another private school, Bush School.

The use of TT Minor by Hamlin would likely be only 5-7 years as the district feels they might need it back by then because of enrollment trends. Hamlin seems okay with the deal and the Board expects to vote on this by the end of the school year.

On a separate topic, did anyone attend the district Budget Meeting yesterday? Any of the community meetings?


seattle said…
First of all one has to wonder if it is good practice to lease out our public school buildings to their competition....private schools.

Second, I wish the district would wait at least one year before they lease the building to see how the new assignment plan, and enrollment numbers shake out. We may need that space.
TechyMom said…
I don't think the final decision has been made on mlk. From the site:

In early April 2010, Director Kay Smith Blum told Central Area residents that Hamlin Robinson has dropped out of the bidding for MLK Jr. School and will be leasing the currently closed T.T. Minor Elementary for the next few years.   That leaves three entities wiith proposals for MLK. 

We expect the Board to vote some time early in 2010, and are calling on citizens to contact the Board to voice support for our plan, concern over the misrepresentation in the draft report, and to urge them to make a decision soon as the clock is ticking against the community.
Charlie Mas said…
The Hamlin-Robinson school isn't really a competitor for the District because the District just doesn't do what Hamlin-Robinson does.

Similarly, I don't think the Islamic school is a competitor for the District. It's not as if the District has an Islamic School where these families could enroll their children.
Snoop said…
I'm pretty sure the Hamlin Robinson thing is a done deal. They've already told people that it's there new location. And why wait? The building's already been empty a year. Might as well get the income, and serve the students at HR too.

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