Redmond Teacher Wins "Green" Award

Nooksack Valley High science teacher, Mike Town, won the National Education Association's Green Prize in Education for creating the Cool School Challenge.

From the PI Big Blog:
The curriculum, with materials available for download here, helps students gather information about their school's carbon footprint and develop a plan to reduce it. Thanks to Town's program, Redmond High has saved over $30,000 per year in electricity and waste costs and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 200,000 pounds.

The prize comes with a $25,000 award. Town, a teacher for 25 years, was the unanimous choice of a panel of national environmental, education and business leaders. He developed Cool School Challenge in 2007.

I think this could be a great idea to start - across the district - to challenge students and staff. Let kids take the lead and make it competitive (hey Alliance, there's something to spend money on).


seattle citizen said…
This is great! Environmental and interdisciplinary education wins an award! Yea!
I'm confused, tho', your thread is titled "Redmond Teacher wins 'green" award," but the body of the post says its a Nooksak HS teacher (THERE would be a great place for envioronmental studies!)

At any rate, congrats to him! I hope the state and his district will recognize the value of teaching "non-standard" curricula.
I wonder if his lessons were EALR-based, differentiated, and implemented with fidelity to the Science WASL?
I think the school is in Redmond; sorry maybe I read the blog incorrectly.

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