Good for SPS PE

Wish I had known about this event sooner. There was a run/walk Sunday to raise PE funds for SPS as reported in the Times today. From the story:

"In a city that has been said to have more cats than children, the annual walk and run is an important fundraiser that allows PE teachers to buy new sports equipment or replace equipment that's become battered and worn with use. Students from roughly 60 of the city's 93 elementary, middle and high schools participated, marching around the stadium in a show of school pride, walking or running through the University of Washington campus, and gathering on the field at Husky Stadium for a variety of activities."

"On Sunday, the biggest student turnout was from Aki Kurose Middle School in Seattle's Rainier Valley, with about 100 kids raising $4,000 for their school."


seattle said…
Interesting, I hadn't heard anything at all about this. My kids would have loved to participat.
Joan NE said…
I heard about it through my school's newsletter. It was probably in the School Beat.

I was not interested to go.

I would rather spend what little time I have to advocate for great schools by using my time trying to get rid of MGJ/Broad/Gates/A4E/Gang-of-Four.

What about you Sully?

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