This Week's Meetings

Wednesday finds yet another Board Work Session from 4:15-6 p.m.. This one had previously been about International Education but they have added another topic: RTTT. This might be interesting to attend although exasperating because when they have two topics somehow one always gets more time than another. I'm guessing the one who will get the lesser amount of time will be International Language. (Also, I don't know what they mean by International Education - foreign language, foreign language immersion, BOC or what.)

Director Sundquist has another community meeting on Thursday from 10-11:30 am at the West Seattle library.

Director Patu has a community meeting on Saturday, May 1st from 10-noon at Tully's at 4400 Rainier Ave South (at Genesee).


Rebecca said…
An SPS definition of international education is offered here:

The main international ed page seems to emphasize the language immersion component.
Tami said…
My understanding is that Karen Kodama is going to give a presentation on the international schools and international curriculum as well as immersion language.
Anonymous said…
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Josh Hayes said…
The above comment contains a seriously offensive link. Could one of the mods delete it please.
Charlie Mas said…
There have been reports that Director Patu was a no-show for her community meeting.

Who was there?

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