Band Night at NOVA - Friday June 11

Friday, June 11 will be Band Night at the NOVA Project, 300 20th Avenue East from 6:30-9:00.

It will feature all six bands from the band class and Nova’s own, The Pink Pajamas.

The school is asking for a donation of $5 and will be selling concessions.

Tell everyone you know because this is one of the only ways NOVA can get money for their band program. Your teens should definitely be advised of this event.

For those who don't know, band class at NOVA is more like School of Rock than Mr. Holland's Opus. Students in the Band class form bands and play. NOVA bands play at school events, regular school ArtShares, and sometimes at the Vera Project. They do not disappoint.


Robert said…
So is this at Nova's new home (the old Meany MS)?
Charlie Mas said…
Yes. The Band Night is at the NOVA Project's home, the west half of the Meany Building.
ttln said…
I hear the teacher/advisor is playing as well. The kids put song titles into a hat for him to cover at this show. It should be a good time for all! Someone needs to record it and put it on youtube.
seattle said…
Or record and sell CDs (do kids still use CDs?) as a fundraiser for band!

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