Kooky Seattle Times is at it again

The Seattle Times printed another love letter to Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson on the editorial page. They can't print them on the news pages because they have an obligation to print the truth there.

Here's yet another Seattle Times editorial that lauds the work done by philanthropic organizations, blames teachers, and dismisses concerns about corporate influences in our schools.


Eric M said…
These things are like flares sent up from a sinking ship. Note that they're becoming more urgent and more frequent.
Oh, what I wouldn't say if I weren't a lady. (C'mon, somebody knows who said that first.)

Both Charlie and I took issue with this puff piece. He and I both questioned this assertion:

"A fair question is whether the superintendent is implementing the strategic plan as the board envisioned. The answer is yes."

Huh? Charlie challenged them to name 3 things she's done right and 3 instances of accountability. I double dog dare them.

The Times has the nerve to question why teachers would mention charters and corporations' influence in their no confidence vote petitions. Well, if the Times was keeping up they would know that (1) charters are a big part of RTTT and that (2) ed reforms are coming in large part from wealthy foundations with a huge agenda. Is that wrong? Not necessarily but the Times just can't seem to figure it out.

They seem to be telling us to do more to help her and so I ask how? From my comment:

"And do tell us, Times, how do we help Dr. Goodloe-Johnson succeed? Our PTSAs, rather than just funding enrichment and enhancement, are now funding maintenance and staff. And, Dr. Goodloe-Johnson's attitude towards parents? Dismissive. Sorry, it is not going to be sit down, shut up and raise money for us if we are doing that level of heavy lifting.

But honestly, tell me what I should be doing. Stop writing for the blog, Save Seattle Schools? Stop going to the SPS public meetings and asking questions? Stop going to the Board to point out that many things promised aren't happening?"

What's that smell - oh, it's the whiff of desperation coming from the Times.
wsnorth said…
More urgent, more frequent, and more preposterous!
dan dempsey said…
There are articles, then there are editorials, then comes pure fiction.

I had no idea pure fiction belonged in the Newspaper.

Is the Times a Newspaper?

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