Whiteboard volunteer needed

Dan had an absolutely brilliant idea. We need to use it.

During Board meetings there is a seat in the auditorium - on the aisle, on the left (north) side of the room, about two rows in front of the big pillar - that is on camera when people are speaking at the podium.

If we could place someone there with a whiteboard, whatever they wrote on the board would be captured on camera. It would be broadcast to the home audience and it would become part of the official record of the meeting. It's not so important when members of the public are speaking, but it would be absolutely critical when staff are speaking.

Who can do it? I will be happy to provide text for the whiteboard - as will a number of other folks on the blog. You don't have to have something on display all the time. You want to be selective and leave things up long enough for them to be seen.

Comments? Thoughts? Volunteers?


Charlie Mas said…
Once we have a volunteer we can have people suggest text to write on the whiteboard for each agenda item.
dan dempsey said…
I love this idea !!!

PLEASE don't make fun of me during testimony...

Happy Faces are OK.
dan dempsey said…
How about a nice Smiley Face drawing on a large Card Board
and a Frowny Face on another.

These could be easily used
to reduce the amount of drawing in hectic circumstances.

I once gave a testimony with lots of visuals and the camera kept pointing away. At one point it left me entirely.

Carla was NOT a fan of my work.
I would do it but I am generally taking notes (plus, world's worst handwriting). That is my favorite seat because it has an outlet right there for my netbook.
Anonymous said…
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Dorothy Neville said…
how come my comment in another thread has to wait for moderator approval, yet these kanji spam comments get in?

My comment was in the first whiteboard thread and was pertinent to the fact Charlie had - in those comments - given the agenda for the C&I meeting which included a very interesting policy C32 about complaint procedure for materials. What happened? What extra information or questions were on the whiteboard, but more importantly, what is the status for updating that complaint procedure?

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