Straw Poll at Franklin High School - No Confidence in Goodloe-Johnson

I was just told of a straw poll, not an official staff survey nor an SEA staff survey, but just a poll of Franklin High staff about Dr. Goodloe-Johnson's effectiveness as a superintendent.

27 Yes (no confidence)
1 No
2 Abstained
2 Blank ballots

I wonder how many other schools may gain confidence from these couple of schools willing to stick their necks out.


MoneyPenny said…
Ballard has way more than 38 staff members, and Franklin has way more than 32, so are these polls of teachers only?
Ballard's was of the teachers and as I said, Franklin's was a straw vote and could have included both teachers and staff.
ParentofThree said…
Interesting that the first two schools to take this bold action are ones that have not suffered directly from the chaos (Threat of closures, relocation, principal moves, programs being eliminated, changed etc.) unlike other high schools such as NOVA, Center, Cleveland, and to some extent Hale and Sealth-Denny (with the 6-12 program change)

One must wonder what the Summit staff would be doing if they were still around.
Parent of Three, good observation.
SkritchD said…
No confidence from me as a parent involved my own straw poll.
Unknown said…
Sorry ScritchD, that's not scientific....
Anonymous said…
You can now add to the list,

Schmitz Park Elementary School.
Unknown said…
In Ballard's case the vote took place in an SEA meeting of represented staff that followed a regular faculty meeting that was disrupted by a fire alarm.
So, not all staff attend faculty meeting. Not all staff return to faculty meeting after fire alarm. Not all staff stay for SEA meeting, which is now drifting into 5 o'clock (teachers have at that point been at school for about 9 hours). So the vote totals are rather smaller than the actual staff count.
Franklin staff are really under the axe vis-a-vis test scores.
Ananda said…
Franklin staff should consider a no confidence vote in thier principal as a starter. She has driven that school into the gound.
dan dempsey said…
Schmitz Park vote at 15-0
of union members certainly makes a point.

So here comes the next board meeting 6-16-2010 complete with a decision on MGJ's contract extension.
Chris S. said…
Parent of Three, my read is that only the strongest schools are brave enough to take a stand - other communities are scared. I mean really, one false step and -poof- you could get a new principal or have your projected enrollment decrease...

I do appreciate the courage of these communities - thank you.
Central Mom said…
Schmitz Park has a strong principal and a strong sense of self (note their mathematics curriculum waiver). I am proud of their staff for having the courage to speak up. I encourage other schools with a strong sense of self to do the same. The benefit will be for the District as a whole. Any teachers or parents out there who can get the ball rolling at their own schools?

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