District V Candidate and Cheryl Chow

KIRO news is reporting that District V candidate, LaCrese Green, sent the late Cheryl Chow (as she was dying), a letter telling her that she might want to repent her homosexuality if she wanted to get to heaven.

Green’s letter from last October acknowledged she had Chow had disagreements, saying Green fought bitterly for her views, “but I never considered you a personal enemy.”

“To hear of your medical problems saddens me,” Green wrote, “but to think of you as a lesbian is troubling in that I don’t want to believe it. It’s more troubling because of my personal belief is that it won’t go well for you in the hearafter.”

KIRO will have a full story with Ms. Green's thoughts on their 5 pm news show.



seattle citizen said…
Sooo judgmental and arrogant. And Ms. Chow on her deathbed. Yes: Unbelievable...
mirmac1 said…
Well. There goes my anti-Blanford/Alliance vote...
I watched the report; not good.

When the reporter asked her how she thought she could get elected to the Seattle School Board with that stance, she paused and then said, "Not everyone is on your side."

And that may be entirely true - for Seattle, the district, parents, staff, etc.

BUT, she is running to support all students (their parents) and staff. She can't be judging their lives and voting based on religious beliefs.

She showed very poor judgment and lack of empathy in even writing the letter to Chow but her words now say she is completely wrong to be a Board member in Seattle.
Anonymous said…
I am so glad her widow released this letter. I certainly don't want someone who is willing to judge others and is insensitive enough to tell them of her views when they are on their deathbed, to make decisions that will affect the education my child receives.

A grateful voter
Jet City mom said…
I cannot even imagine the arrogance and insensitivity required to do such a thing.
Anonymous said…
Wow. That is awful. I can't even begin to understand the hateful mentality and arrogance that would lead someone to do something like that. On a person's deathbed? Really? We do not need someone like that on our school board. No thank you.

Horrified Mom
Anonymous said…
Sadly, this is what most Seattlelites say in the privacy of their own homes; she is just speaking aloud, and publicly, what the passive-aggressive, racist and prejudice folks in Seattle (the general population) think.

- And so it is
Anonymous said…
And so it is,

What? Not the people I know. Where are you meeting these people?

Jet City mom said…
Re:and so it is.
I guess that's why we embrace equal rights for LGBT, keep approving every damn levy no matter how badly the district comes off in the newspaper, & keep living in Seattle even though we could get more bang for our buck in the suburbs.

I'm proud that my daughter attended Garfield, just like her Grandma.
Anonymous said…
And so it is: Speak for yourself please.

Solvay Girl
Dora said…
I can't believe someone would write such a note to anyone in that vein. And when they are dying?

I don't think the term "insensitivity" describes that sort of mindset and behavior.

"Blissfully ignorant"? "Hateful"? "Completely impolitic and stupid"? "Judgmental with very poor timing and judgement"?

God help SPS students, teachers and staff if this person becomes a school board member.

Isn't enough, enough with this sort of prejudiced and irrational behavior? We have seen it in Texas, Minnesota and Florida recently with the leaders in those states, I am surprised and dismayed to see this in Seattle.

mirmac1 said…
In my mind, Green's insensitivity does not differ much from the "white knight" or "evangelical ed reform" folks who are so ready to impose their belief system/bucks on the rest of us, condemned, souls.
Jet City mom said…
Guess she didnt realize Jesus was gay.
hschinske said…
Fortunately Desmond Tutu is more influential than she is. Unfortunately he's not running for the school board.

Helen Schinske
mirmac1 said…
You know. I'm kinda liking this Pope. Need to learn more about him.
hschinske said…
Eh. I'm not so much on this pope.

Helen Schinske
Louise said…
Not down with this pope, or any pope either to be honest. At least he wasn't in the Hitler youth ala Ratzinger. Fix the pedophile problem, then I'll listen more.

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