Thursday, February 27, 2014

Making Money from Public Schools (Pictograph)

From Yes!

Why Corporations Want Our Public Schools


Anonymous said...

Other than developing an IT Readiness Tool for use in states, Pearson has not been involved developing the Smarter Balanced tests. You can find information on the testing companies involved in the development of Smarter Balanced assessments (and other requirements) at http://www.k12.wa.us/SMARTER/Jobs-Contracts.aspx.

--- swk

Melissa Westbrook said...

That's fine but Pearson has its hand in plenty of other places.

Anonymous said...

On that, Melissa, we can certainly agree. Pearson is a behemoth.

--- swk

Anonymous said...

The $ motive couldn't be presented any clearer. And yet, people remain distracted by their personal issues and shiny new things. And the band plays on.


Josh Hayes said...

It's worth pointing out that new grads, starting this year, wishing to obtain certification as a teacher in WA state, must submit a great big package called the "edTPA", or "Teacher Performance Assessment", and pass it, much like experienced teachers passing national boards.

You'll never guess who runs this TPA program. That's right: Pearson gets to decide who's good enough to be a teacher in this state now. O brave new world!

Anonymous said...

I wish that the "worse" part of the pie chart were separated to see what that percentage is. Would have way more impact I think.

Glad I left