Sorry Kids, No Superbowl Champion Parade for You

Third Update:  Bellevue, Highline, Northshore and Lake Washington are all offering excused absences to students with their parents' permission.

Second Update:  The Mayor tweeted: "It is my hope that the school district will excuse absences for students who want to join their family" for this event.

Update:  quite the number of stories around this issue.

One, many people unhappy at Banda's use of "historical" versus "historic" and yes, he got it wrong.
Two, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked on Monday if they should allow kids to go to the parade and he said, "Heck yeah, they should."
Three, should teachers carry on no matter how many kids aren't in class?  Should it be a movie day or should kids who miss that day just miss out because their parents made a choice about their attendance?
Four, should we just use one snow day?
Five, would it really be fair to parents who cannot have their kids sitting at home alone?
Six, West Seattle blog had a comment that WSHS and Madison will have an "early release" tomorrow.

From SPS:

Seattle Public Schools to remain open on Wednesday.

From Superintendent Jose Banda:

Congratulations to the @Seahawks on an amazing season and Super Bowl win! I It’s been so fun to see our school communities get into the spirit these last few weeks. I've enjoyed seeing the photos and videos of our students and staff celebrating the Seahawks.

We have received questions about the parade on Wednesday, which starts at 11 a.m. Seattle Public Schools will not close or dismiss school early because of the parade. Parents who wish to take their students out of school can, but per state regulation, it will be treated as an unexcused absence. While we support the team, academics must come first and it’s important not to lose a day in the classroom.

We know this is a historical event for our community and we also know that for many of our students, their school community is a place where they will celebrate and come together to talk about pride, sportsmanship and teamwork. We encourage our students and staff to wear blue on Wednesday in honor of the ‪#‎Seahawks‬.

We are working with the City on transportation issues for the day and we will work hard to minimize disruptions. However, families should expect bus delays in the afternoon on Wednesday.


Anonymous said…

Michael Rice said…
I am of two minds of this. My first thought is to give a 100 point one question quiz on Wednesday, if I have lots of absences (i.e., what is the name of the Principal). However, as I reflect upon this, that come across as capricious (why not give that quiz everyday I think a kid is skipping class).

Also, in the throwing stones in a glass house department, in 1978 the Sonics were in the NBA Finals. I was a senior in high school and I blew off a couple of days of school in June to wait in line for tickets. It was one of best times of my young life, so it will be hard for me to mad at any kid who does the same thing.
Eric M said…
Academics aren't going to happen with half the students gone. Which they will be. I took a poll today. Just a fact.
Po3 said…
Many teachers and students will be calling in with Hawk flu.
Anonymous said…
@ Eric M, why can't kids learn when half the kids are gone? I thought smaller class sizes were a good thing? Yes, I get that if part if the class goes ahead there will be a need to repeat material for the rest the next day, but I would think a good teacher could come up with a lesson to help promote greater depth of understanding for those who do show, no?

Eric M said…
Sure, I can teach half my students. But it doesn't make much economic sense to me. The parade IS going to happen, and half my students ARE going to be gone. It seems to me like posturing to keep the school open for half the students, rather than punt to another day when they're all there. (well, most - there's NEVER a day when they're ALL there)
Anonymous said…
Those are high school kids, right? I doubt the same holds true for elementary students, who I feel need to go to school for at least one full flipping five day week between these relentless breaks.

-sleeper (who is not a football fan)
Unknown said…
Pretty sure if the legislature can take the time to pass a resolution declaring Mt. Rainier's name changed Mt. Seattle Seahawks, they can pass a bill that would make Wednesday afternoon's parade and official excused absence for school kids.

Go Hawks!
Anonymous said…
"We know this is a historical event for our community..."

So it is not desired that students participate in a living history event? Better to learn history from a photocopied handout I guess.

Lifelong memories and community bonds will be created on Wednesday. Worth an unexcused absence. Go Hawks!

bookie said…
This was really the only decision they could make. How about the parents who work and don't have the resources for child care and can't take the day off? That said, I hope kids who do go aren't penalized. It will be televised. Maybe schools will choose to have their own celebrations. Of course not everyone is a football fan. I thoroughly enjoyed the game. My 6th and 9th grade boys really were not that interested.
Anonymous said…
Not to rain on the parade...

If I am reading the Board info correctly, the transportation standards up for a vote now include a 10 min later start - the arrival/departure times have been adjusted by 10 min. So it's all or nothing? This is not good news for 3rd tier schools. The departure time is shown as 4:00(!). As families currently on the 3rd tier know, the actual departure tends to be later than the stated departure.

Anonymous said…
Not to rain on the parade...

If I am reading the Board info correctly, the transportation standards up for a vote now include a 10 min later start - the arrival/departure times have been adjusted by 10 min. So it's all or nothing? This is not good news for 3rd tier schools. The departure time is shown as 4:00(!). As families currently on the 3rd tier know, the actual departure tends to be later than the stated departure.

Anonymous said…
Yep. Arrival and departure times are moved 10 minutes later for all Tiers, and four K-8s (JA K-8, Salmon Bay, TOPS and Pathfinder) have been moved from Tier 1 to Tier 2.


1. Jane Addams K-8 students that were enrolled during the 2013-14 school years that reside in the
Jane Addams MS and Eckstein MS Attendance Areas and outside of the John Marshall walk area receive district provided transportation for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years.

2. Pinehurst K-8 students that were enrolled during the 2013-14 school year that reside in the Jane
Addams MS and Eckstein MS Attendance Areas and outside of the Lincoln walk area receive
district provided transportation for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years.

3. TOPS K-8 students that were enrolled during the 2013-14 school year that reside in the Beacon
Hill and Kimball Elementary Attendance Areas will receive district provided transportation for the
2014-15 school year only only.

4. TOPS K-8 will have one (1) express shuttle route in the Hamilton/Whitman MS Attendance Area for students that were enrolled during the 2013-14 school year. This service will be
provided for the 2014-15 school year only.

5. Thornton Creek will have one (1) express shuttle route in the Jane Addams MS Attendance Area
for students that were enrolled during the 2013-14 school year. This service will be provided for
the 2014-15 school year only.

Also, JAMS is still in Tier 1, with Hale in Tier 2.

- North-end Mom
Anonymous said…
I intend to pull my kids from school unexcused absence or not. I did the same when Obama came to UW. When there are once in a generation events I want my kids and myself to be there. That's more education than any single day of school.

No way will a parade translate to a video clip at home. This less about football than about community coming together. Even my nonfootball family is very excited.


Lynn said…
The board action report says this about the 10 minute later start times: Analysis of the impact of moving all school arrival times 10 minutes later as requested by the Board. (This is for information only and does not affect the current recommendation unless amended by the Board)
Anonymous said…
So, any students NEW to JAk-8 this year will NOT get transportation? Is that how that reads?

Anonymous said…
I feel like it is a family decision whether to pull your kid and although I am happy about the outcome of the game I don't plan to pull mine. As stated here by someone above, they need at least one full week in school at some point. There are so many half days and days off and professional development days and three long breaks. The learning momentum just never gets going. And the attitude that kids can't learn unless the whole class is there or most of the class is there or they are having a party in the afternoon or they are doing MAP testing for part of the day or what have you frustrates me. If only a few kids show up work with them individually on what they need most work on. Don't put on a movie and give up! We have so little instructional time! I am sending my kids to school to learn not for free babysitting.

Gen Ed Mom
Anonymous said…
Any JA K8 kids, either new or continuing, outside the Eckstein/JAMS areas, won't get transportation for 2014-15. No one in Eckstein area will have transportation after 2015-16, so parents need to consider this, especially if they are thinking of joining the program now, unless they are slated for the W-P area later.

~ interpreting
Anonymous said…
People. This is a parade. It's not historical. Entertainment. If you want to take your kid out of school for it, that's your perogative. But, trying to justify it as some sort of critical event is ridiculous.

The main issue seems to be that people want Mr. Banda to bless their decision to take their kids out of school to see a parade. And since Mr. Banda made a sensible decision about the actual education of all students (which is his job), not just about the desires of those with football-fan families, they are annoyed and are shaming him/the school system.

HIMS mom
Jeff C said…

"We know this is a historical event for our community ..."

"a" historical event? Don't you mean "an" historical event. Was there a parade on the day they went over that in LA?
Patrick said…
We haven't had any snow days this year and it doesn't look we're going to. Why don't we use one of the planned snow makeup days and have Wednesday off?

Okay, I know the answer is the unions would have to agree, and many families wouldn't have child care available.

However, if kids are doing okay in school otherwise, one unexcused absence isn't going to kill them.

I don't even care about pro sports, but if half the kids are going to be gone anyway, why go through the motions?
Anonymous said…
Oh please HMS Mom and the rest of you hard core Keep Your Kids In Schoolites. It is an historic (vs. historical) civic event. It will be a where were you cultural touchstone for decades to come - whether or not you care a whit about football. Leave your kid in school. Fine. Your choice. But don't be so sanctimonious about it. We're not beating down on Banda. Bureaucratic BS is bureaucratic BS. We know it isn't his fault he has to leave school going. I also bet he doesn't give a **** as to the number of kids getting unexcused absences. Nor will any Dean of Deandom at MucketyMuck University Admissions. Those Deans live and die by their own football teams. It's what puts them on the map.

Hell, the King of Ed Reform himself (ick) is a huge Chicago Bballer. You think he wouldn't grab Obama, Obama's kids, and skip out to see the Bulls celebrate a national championship?

I expect my kids will be getting into a great college AND they won't bitterly remember that they had to go to finish a dumb MAP test - yes it's that time again - while their best friends and neighbors spent a few hours whooping it up in a whirlwind of civic fun. They won't be 40 years old remembering they were forced to sit on a sticky school bus while the rest of the city danced on a sunny Wednesday in Seattle.

Parade Rainer (is not my name)

38 crew said…
HIMS mom

Hate to tell you, but sports events like this are historic. These are the events that a vast majority of people will remember all their lives.

Anonymous said…
Jeff C,

Your comment is confusing. Are you dissing the press release or the person who quoted the press release?

Reading Comprehension
Anonymous said…
The 2013-2014 Seattle Seahawks have a team payroll of over one hundred twenty million dollars.

The entire Seattle Parks Department proposed budget for operations in 2014 is one hundred thirty-six million dollars.

So, on less than two days' notice, we're supposed to go out and find childcare to cover the day off of school that would be given so that some families -- because not all, probably not even most -- so that some families can go to watch a parade of a team of 53 people that make almost as much money collectively as we spend on parks in this city.

That is nothing short of unconscionable, and I cannot believe people are suggesting and advocating for this.

It is fantastic that they won. If people pull their kids out, perhaps special dispensation can be given for the absence, but closing down the entire school system?

We really do have better things to do.

David said…
HIMS mom, I'm with you. To close school for a football parade would be completely ridiculous. Good for Supt. Banda.
Anonymous said…

If you are referring to me in your comments, I just think there is a bit of a misunderstanding. I have my life experiences so I am approaching it that way. I'm old so can get if you are coming from a different perspective.

I’m not asking for SPS to condone my actions in any way. I just think it is a bit odd for them to declare it “a historical event” but then not want my kid to participate.

If a parent chooses to not have their child participate that is their prerogative and I genuinely respect and agree with what you decide.

For myself, I am an individual that always played by the rules and in so many more instances than I would have liked missed out. In my experience with SPS, ingenuity, creativity, and other great things that are factors to success outside of school are not valued.

For our household this is not just a parade. It is a celebration of unity beyond Seattle. Encompassing the Pacific NW and regions in proximity. It is a celebration of all of those that have been told that “they can’t” but persevered and succeeded despite the most daunting circumstances.

Being deaf, growing up in Compton, being too short, being a fifth round draft pick, living through being hungry and having to wear the same clothes all week.

All of these people were given a chance. They were believed in, and when they were their true selves and were the best they could be, they were a success.

It is inspiring to me as I never had to live with such hardships and I have not achieved what these individuals have achieved.

I want my kids to know that you do not always succeed at first try. Success is not being perfect. And hail your excellent failure if you learn from it, and get up and try again.

This is my personal perspective on the “parade” on Wednesday. I don’t think the Superintendent had any choice according to policy to declare what he declared. But, perhaps he could have tried a little harder to swap a snow day. There are Districts that have a day off for the first day of Hunting Season because they know so many students will be absent. Not so dissimilar here.

It will be an event that will be recorded in the history of Seattle. For my family it is not just about football. It is so much more. I want my kids to always have this in their memory (and they will.) And when they do remember I’ll reinforce the above. Even if you are told you can’t, you can. The lesson of this group from coach to players was they were told could not, and then “they did.”

To each their own, but not to be diminished if you don't agree with either HIMS Mom or me.


Anonymous said…
Someone should make sure EVERYONE is at their workstation, especially Banda and his Administration every minute of the parade. (More often than not their office are empty when you go to the Stanford center to see them.)

SPS Employee
Anonymous said…
Please explain this:
If the city of Seattle wants to celebrate their team's victory in a historical way, why do they do it at 11 am on a Wednesday?
Why can't they do it at 3 or 4pm in the afternoon (if they can't wait for the weekend at all to celebrate)?
People could work almost all day, students could go to school, and they all could celebrate together as a community in the afternoon (weekend?).
Why people have to choose: work/study or celebrate?
For the players, it shouldn't really matter...
Anonymous said…
No doubt the Hawks aren't contracted to be here through Saturday, so that's why no weekend parade. Guessing Wed is the last day in any NFL team's yearly contract. By Sat. half of Hawks will be in Hawaii. Most of the defense is doing so - been quoted on TV.

I don't begrudge them Sat in Hawaii or the Wednesday parade. I intend to skip work as does my husband. We're pulling our kids. We are going to have a ball and our kids will be crowing to their East Coast families. Couldn't care less that they'll be unexcused. The only people who give a flying fig about being unexcused tomorrow propbably suck lemons all year. Our family makes lemonade. Go Hawks.

P.S. I have one A student and one B student. We spend hours on homework every night so don't get on yer high horses.

Hawk fan

Anonymous said…
I dislike grammar police especially when they are wrong, Jeff C.

Below excerpted from:

"Associated Press Stylebook says that a his­toric event is an impor­tant occur­rence, one that stands out in history.
Many peo­ple say, “An his­tor­i­cal occa­sion,” but “an his­tor­i­cal” isn’t used reg­u­larly in American English. Using “an” is com­mon, but not uni­ver­sally accepted by experts. Here’s how to fig­ure out which arti­cle to use:
Before a word start­ing with a pro­nounced, breathy “h,” use “a.” Examples: A hotel; A happy time; A his­tor­i­cal day; A healthy, happy baby.
You attend a his­tory class, not an his­tory class. Same with “his­tor­i­cal.” It was a his­tor­i­cal occasion.
Honeymooners go to a hide­away, not an hide­away. The don­key car­ried a heavy bur­den, not an heavy bur­den. “Historical” is no different.
Use “an” with words begin­ning with an unpro­nounced “h.” Examples: An herb gar­den; an hour; an honor; An heir.
Now, let’s com­bine them: “Look! An herb gar­den in a his­tor­i­cal set­ting. Let’s stay an hour, then find a hotel.”

-just sayin
Anonymous said…
Do parents realize how many kids will now be arriving at home AFTER 5 P.M.? There has been NO NOTICE to this community.

This is about as bad communication as I have seen out of SPS. And I have seen BAD in the past years. Dismal. Abysmal. Unexcusable.

Aside from the communication the 3tier plan is an unworkable mess. And joke. No notice of where savings are happening. No admission that buses in the 3rd tier will NEVER be on time in afternoon traffic. Nor should little kids in Tier One be on buses long before dawn. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

And that's all before switching high school times later in the next year or two. That will upend everything again. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Anonymous said…
Oh I posted my rant on the wrong thread. Will repost elsewhere. But to you Hawks fans the Transportation Plan is wrong from start to finish. Staff might as well go to the parade. They aren't accomplishing anything in those planning sessions.

Anonymous said…
No, parents generally don't. The two board member meetings I went to said that this happened because they heard from 1 k-8 about how early 7:50 was(when that k-8 was on tier 1), but not really tier 3 families, so they figured it was ok. I think that is because tier 3 families are or were unaware of what is happening to them, unlike that one extremely organized k-8.

But as soon as 2 schools figured it out, there was a 300+ signature petition, in I think something like 3 days, to please switch tier 3 to 1, please, anything, just don't make tier 3 worse; it's an incredible hardship even as it is. And that's just really two schools. I can't imagine if word really got out.

You would think with the that sample size, they'd figure out more people probably feel that way, and crazier, maybe even listen to them. But no.

Anonymous said…
Re: parade, I didn't find anything wrong with Supt. Banda's letter. Schools will be opened for business officially. I'm happy for those families who can take time off from work and school to celebrate. I'm envious of course and will be cheering along in spirit.

Wow, thanks for the clear explanations, just sayin. (Very helpful for one who is grammatically challenged.)

happy fan

Po3 said…
Pretty sure McCain/Palin supporters did not pull their kids out to see Obama when he was in town.

It's a personal decision.

Schools should be open. Parents (and teachers) just need to remember to call their kids in sick before they head out. Not much admin can do if your kid has the flu.

With that said, they could have has the parade on Saturday...
Anonymous said…
I'm not a football fan. My kids are. My weekly Weds meeting is already cancelled, and this is a(n -depending on your stylebook) historic event in Seattle history, so pulling kids from school and going downtown.

My kids know they are fortunate that we are doing this, they must make up work. They know not all parents can take off work, and some kids even need to go to school so they will have a breakfast and lunch tomorrow.

My kids WILL NOT learn from this opportunity how to "call in sick" they are not sick, and will not lie.

the bigger problem is with district attendance policy and "unexcused" absences. Families should be able to take a week vacation, attend a wedding/funeral, etc and not have a black mark. Whatever happened to having X number of excused absences available (with parent note) a semester?

Diane, gone with the wind. The policy now is for principals to decide for their schools what is excused or not, particularly around things like vacations (not illness or funerals).
Anonymous said…
Some people can take a day off. Some of us can't. I'm working. If my kids were younger, this means I would be paying extra for child care. Is that fair?

Take your kids to the parade if you can. This just means it's on them to make up the time and if it's unexcused, it's unexcused.

You don't close anything based on the prediction of half-full classrooms. You stay open because you WILL have students to teach.
Like the many 'expert' predictions that called the Seahawks doomed to fail, arrogant, thuggish, etc, the prediction that it will be nothing but crickets in these dark and dreary classrooms is total crap.

Go Hawks!

Anonymous said…
My high schooler wants to go and I am thinking about letting the kid go. I won't be able to go. The kid will be with a group of 15 year olds so as long as they stick together they should be fine. Now the question is, do they bother to go to school at all that day.

Anonymous said…
Just pull the kid from school for the day. Easier on everyone including the teachers. Honestly people, schools are EXPECTING that your kids won't show up tomorrow. As I posted in the Open Thread, my school's attendance secretary was laughing. And she's usually All Business.

Go Hawks

PS: Hey - the Robot Identifier word for me for this post is 'principles'. Indeed!
StringCheese said…
To approach this in terms of "civic pride" is to perpetuate a well-established lie. Paychecks and tax dollars withstanding, the Seahawks have absolutely NOTHING to do with Seattle. This is not a "Hometown Team". This is a corporation. Period.

The players are here because they are paid a shameful amount of money -- not a love or loyalty to Seattle. If another city offered players a more lucrative contract, do you honestly think they'd turn it down because they are loyal to the Seahawk brand?

The team itself is as much ours as the Sonics were. If we don't bow to their corporate demands, the owners can and will pick up stakes and move elsewhere. This sense of loyalty is a figment of the imagination in the minds of fans.

To take your kids out of school to celebrate a corporate money machine is absurd. If this was a case of local boys working hard, making it onto the local team, playing hard and winning, my comments would be very different. That is not the NFL.

Bottom line, the Seahawks are not SEATTLE. The Seahawks (professional sports in general) don't care about you. They care about money. Period.
Anonymous said…
@String Cheese

puhleeeese. you think we don't know they play for money? you think we don't know about pro sports? did you see this team? bunch of kids the rest of the sporting world called lame, untalented etc etc. my kids learned more about teamwork from the seahawks than any cruddy social awareness worksheets given out by SPS in the past ten years. sure the players will go off and do their own thing in the coming years. sure they have various blemishes on their personalities. sure the team made a mint. but they gave us not only a lesson this year on drive and determination but a lot of gray weather fun. sometimes it is just plain fun to celebrate living in a cool place with cool professionals of all types from computer nerds to social service workers to fishermen to football players. can't help it that most of our professions won't get will enjoy this one even more. it ain't hero worship, it's hometown fun. the mayor and the guv are going. hundreds of thousands of people are going. FUN. but hey...hope your kids enjoy a day of tests, worksheets and never-on-time buses.

Go Hawks
Anonymous said…
From StringCheese:
I have to agree with you on this:
"To take your kids out of school to celebrate a corporate money machine is absurd. If this was a case of local boys working hard, making it onto the local team, playing hard and winning, my comments would be very different. That is not the NFL."
"The players are here because they are paid a shameful amount of money -- not a love or loyalty to Seattle."
"The Seahawks ... care about money. Period."

Still no real explanation why didn't they do it on an afternoon or the weekend?
Anonymous said…
Per Mayor Ed Murray via The Seattle Times:

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray tweeted his thoughts on the topic late Tuesday morning:

It is my hope the school district will excuse absences for students whose families want to join their families during the #celebrate48 events.

FYI (because you may hear this and wonder why these schools are closed), Madison and West Seattle High already had a regularly scheduled PD day for Wednesday so those schools will be out. However WSHS is also having EOC exams so at least 100 students will be at WSHS taking their tests.
Anonymous said…
from BHS just now...

The Superintendent met with principals this morning and gave us the leeway to decide whether absences to attend the Seahawks celebration should be excused or not.

As this is a unique, cultural celebration for our City, I have decided that I will accept written notes submitted to our attendance office and excuse students who miss school tomorrow to attend the celebration.

Students will need to seek out the work that they miss with their teachers, but they will have access to making up the points.

School will remain open and activities will be offered to all students who attend school.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Keven Wynkoop
Henry J said…
I agree, school should not be closed but I believe the superintendent should've just made it an excused absence if their parents allowed it. I'm glad we're in Lake Washington School District, where the superintendent understand the importance of this to some parents to share with their kids. our kids aren't football fans and I've not either but we want to show them how a whole city celebrate and why it's important to partake in a celebration like this. It show's community involvement and how important it is and can be fun. "regulations" weren't written with this type of an event as part of the consideration..unless you can show me where in that regulation says, "you cannot excuse kids, even with parents permission even if seattle wins the superbowl." So this means the decision is really from the Superintendent's thought process. I hate to say it but he just made himself look bad. Even parents of non football fans agree, they should make it excusable. Wow he must never break any rule, like going 1 mile over the speed limit. Just being funny, but am I? Be human, is what I say. Heck knowing this, I would've even made it easy for the teachers that are super fans to go without lying and make arrangements to have limited classes by merging certain classes together for the day, had 2 weeks for a contingency planning on this.
Anonymous said…
Franklin will have early dismissal with shortened classes, an extended lunch in which they air the parade for kids who can't/don't want to go and when school is dismissed, they'll have their regular tutoring/library open. I think that is a really great compromise. Now to decide if my 10th grader will take the whole day off or try to go for the day. Also, kids will have the absence excused with their parents permission. I love Dr. Wiley - she rocks as a principal.

-Franklin Parent
Henry j said…
Oh one more thing, I saw some comments from people that complain about the fact that Seahawks players don't care and it ONLY COST OUR CITY MONEY and yada yada..obviously against anyone who creates incredible money...WELL you obviously don't realize how much opportunities for jobs and incomes these created for people of seattle. How for every success created out there by sports team and businesses also creates unity, jobs, excitement, lessons, community....whether they know or care about you or not.
StringCheese said…
@henry j,
and the city is held hostage to the demands of the NFL. They have no problem eradicating all of those jobs you speak of by moving to another city. It is a BUSINESS, not a community group. They do not feel a sense of obligation to the workers of Seattle. Big Sports does not deserve the fanaticism it receives. They play on your desire for community but bail when they get a better offer elsewhere. All of this attention and hoopla is absurd.
Anonymous said…
I only missed one Seahawk game this year when I was out of town in a TV market that didn't carry it... including preseason.

However, as a teacher, this is a frustrating no-win scenario. Avoid teaching new material and fall prey to the criticisms of the haters that we're slacking unionized teachers (BTW, I came from industry)... do teach and we'll be regarded as being oblivious to history and somehow dense about unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

No Win
Jan said…
No kids left in SPS -- but if they were, I would let them go in a heartbeat! Michael Rice has it spot on (in his second paragraph). For kids who are football fans, or who want to join in the celebration (because that is really what it is -- it isn't just a parade, it is a citywide/regionwide celebration), they will never forget being part of this. For kids who hate football (or who are so young they can't go alone, and whose parents can't take them, or send them with friends), I have great faith that teachers can come up with something to do for one day that other kids can make up later -- or that doesn't need to be made up at all. This can't be harder than dealing with kids out with flu (out for longer, and not all out on the same day).

Our kids do not exist for the purpose of going to school 180 days a year. They go to school so that they may lead richer, fuller, more useful, productive and interesting lives than they would lead if we just kept them at home and started them working at age 7 or 8. For virtually all of the ones who want to go, the value of participating in tomorrow's celebration will far outweigh what they would have learned in one day of class (especially since they can still learn whatever it was -- it is not like there is a wormhole on that knowledge that will close if they don't absorb it from 11 to 1 on Wednesday.

Go Hawks!

Maureen said…
I agree with Jan (and Michael Rice.) My sophomore has been fighting a bug/wear-and-tear (exhaustion is too strong a word!) and negotiated a day off for tomorrow on the grounds that not much will be taught. I'm ok with that (better than another day.) I'm hoping it will be excused, but she will handle it if it's not.

It's nice to know that Jan is still reading and I am happy when she posts!
Anonymous said…
I just heard on the TV coverage of the Seahawks Parade:
out of the 50,000 students, 13,000 were not in school this morning - according to the attendance Office of SPS.

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