Waiting to Hear from Advanced Learning? Good Luck

A reader sent in the latest info from the AL webpage:

  • If you sent an appeal to the correct address, you may assume that it has been received and filed. We do not have the resources to send individual receipts.
  • Our office is currently swamped with emails and phone messages which would normally be answered by the same people who are scheduling and conducting assessments, making eligibility decisions, and processing letters for mailing. Please understand that there will be significant delays during this time. Emails will be screened daily to prioritize those requiring immediate response. Please do not send repeated messages or send to multiple people. This further clogs the system and slows down response time. We are working evenings and weekends to get the work done prior to the Open Enrollment deadline of March 7.
Thank you for your understanding.
  • Testing continues through February.   
  • Scores and eligibility decisions are not available by phone or email. Please be patient.
  • All eligibility decisions including appeals will be processed before the open enrollment deadline of March 7 if possible. Extensions will be made when necessary.(www.seattleschools.org/enrollment
  • Responses to email are much faster than responses to phone messages.
  • Any two of the six reported CogAT scores at or above the threshold (87 for Spectrum, 98 for APP) count for eligibility.
  • If your child was tested for APP or Spectrum eligibility but you haven’t been notified yet, or you are appealing the advanced learning decision:
    ·         You can include APP or Spectrum choices on your application. If your child does not qualify, these choices will be deleted from your application. (For example, if you want to apply for Spectrum at a school but don’t know if your child will qualify, you can list Spectrum and then also list the same school without Spectrum if that would be your choice ahead of your assigned school.) 
    Achievement scores on nationally normed standardized tests no older than Spring 2013 can be used to support Advanced Learning eligibility.

    Students eligible for Spectrum or APP maintain their eligibility year to year as long as they are enrolled in an ALO school or a Spectrum or APP classroom.


Po3 said…
Sick of waiting said…
Yeah, we still haven't received any results and I don't have a lot of hope of getting any before open enrollment ends.

I read somewhere that a parent was told their copy machine broke down. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

karen said…
It's the same thing I tell my boss. Let's fix some of the broken things before we start new initiatives! It's like cleaning house before packing for vacation. SPS needs to fix the many problems like SPED, capacity, AL, etc. before embarking on Common Core, new testing, etc. etc. Every day is more unbelievable.
Anonymous said…
WOW is right. This has always been a mess of an office, but this year is off the charts. Do we actually miss Bob Vaughan? OK, crazy question. Anyone want to indulge in more gloomy "what ifs"? I have this feeling that record numbers applied to AL due to all the craziness and overcrowding in neighborhood schools, and with a bright line test, this may mean record entrants, and the AL office is panicking. Won't it throw off capacity numbers at HIMS, WMS and JAMS? Not to mention the elementary and high schools? Seems like someone should have planned better...
-just sayin
Anonymous said…
My kid took his MAP tests in Oct and the CogAt in early Dec. Only communication I have received from AL nearly three months later? An obvious form letter responding to my specific question that failed to actually ANSWER my question, but did reassure me "your letter has not been sent". Thanks for stating the obvious...

GoodLuck indeed.
Anonymous said…
WOW. Still waiting here. Daughter was tested in early December. No response to a voice mail or an email. None. Crickets. This is really frustrating.

I am a teacher and mostly I need to know if I should bother planning for a sub next week so I can go look at programs.

What a mess.

Annoyed with my own district

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