Tuesday Open Thread

UW's department of Computer Science & Engineering has DawgBytes: A Taste of CSE which is their K-12 outreach program.  They have lots of fun events as well as offering a UW CSE student to come out to your school to talk to students.  They have an e-mail list so you can get regular updates of events.

Remember the story, There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a fly and The House that Jack Built?  Here's a mash-up ed reform version of them featuring Bill Gates from the blog, Russ on Reading.

What's on your mind?


Benjamin Leis said…
I was wondering if now might be a good time to think about adding guest columns or even other regular coposters?
Russ Walsh said…
Thanks for posting this link to my "House that Gates Built." Keep up all your good work for public education.

Ben, I am open to all this.

We have - repeatedly - said anyone can submit a guest column. We rarely say no.

Anyone can write me if you are interested in writing and we can talk.

Maureen said…
Eighth-graders at TOPS at Seward, a Seattle alternative public school, are donating their time and help to social-service organizations in the Seattle area... From this Seattle Times story.

And here's a piece from King 5.

"Planting the Seeds" is a life changer for some kids. I wish more eighth graders were able to have the experience. I'm so glad that TOPS has held on to this important program despite changes in leadership over the years. (And kudos to Ms. Eick!!)
bensmom said…
Just wanted to grumble and vent about the Advanced Learning notification debacle. This year has been the worst ever from beginning to end. I know that there are deep conversations about Adv. Learning across the board, but am wondering if this community has insights into the appeal process. It seems like the district wants to check the box that they offer adv learning but work REALLY hard to keep kids out. My son missed the APP cut off by one percentage point for one of the measures (fully qualified on MAP, and had 99% on one cogat measure and 97% on the other, so not qualified). Is this appealable?
Anonymous said…
bensmom - yes, you can appeal but I think you need private test scores show your child scores 98% or higher in two of the three cogat areas. I'm guessing that an appeal based on the MAP scores and scoring 97% rather than 98% probably won't be successful.

Anonymous said…
Any word on the increase in 7-12 hours from 1,000 to 1,080 for the coming year?
http://www.sbe.wa.gov/compliance.php#.Uwdb-_1UX5U (best quick search info I could find)

My district is making noise about it, but it'd be nice if the state did some funding magic if we have to increase contact time, especially in light of the current failure to uphold McCleary.

Signed: Glad I left Seattle

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