Shooting Roundup

The Stranger Slog has a weekly child shooting roundup and hey, one story is local.

From Q13:
PUYALLUP — Neighbors say they never heard a gunshot, but saw what happened next.
“The young man was sitting in the driveway just rocking back and forth saying; I shot my best friend, I shot my best friend,” neighbor Carol Sharick said.
... Police say five boys were in the house hanging out after school, the boy who lived in the house brought out a shotgun, it was loaded and somehow went off striking the 13-year-old boy in the chest. ... Police and neighbors call the shooting senseless, totally avoidable and a tragedy that did not have to happen.
“I don’t understand why people aren’t more secure of their things that they have in their home that are deadly to kids. You see it all the time you’d think the kids would even realize they shouldn’t be playing around with things like that,” Sharick said.
Leaving a loaded shotgun where teenage boys congregate?  Why not?  (The boy died, by the way.)

Then from RawStory where in North Carolina, a 3-year old boy shot his 17-month old sister.  Dad, who is a youth pastor AND a parenting columnist said that he never imagined his son could climb on a stool and take the guy from the "secret compartment" on top of his dresser.  The father said,
“My mind is pretty much blown,” Carper added."  So to speak. 

I'm imagine that little boy probably saw dad do it lots of times and well, kids are a bright bunch.  (I always tell every new parent, "Never trust anyone under six.  You think, 'my kid won't do that' and my answer is, yes they will." 

The sheriff said, "“Regardless of the outcome, the parents have been punished more than any criminal justice system can do to them by this happening.”

The jury's out on that one.



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