Thursday, January 08, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

Banksy Charlie Hebdo tribute
Lucille Cleric


Anonymous said...

moi aussi

-c'est Charlie

Anonymous said...

Moi aussi.

Je suis Ahmed, aussi.


Anonymous said...

This tragic attack pales in comparison to deranged school shooters in the US. We have innocents dying monthly thanks to our lax gun laws and cowardly politicians.

We also have our paranoid and righteous fanatics from David Koresh to mass murderer Timothy McVay.

Europe is getting more and more hostile towards the Muslims and there are more and more getting radicalized as a result.Israel is not bending on Palestine. We keep propping up both reactionary Muslims in places like Saudi Arabia(whipping a blogger for the next few months starting today, a thousand lashes total in batches of fifty, I believe)and at the same time fighting armed groups like the Taliban who are supported by these same countries.

Terror is the eyes of the victim. Afghans find invisible and silent drones killing militants and frequently innocent civilians to be terrifying.

Euro-Muslims find the increasing electoral gains of the anti-immigrant parties terrifying.

Let's not forget the Boko Haram and their equally brutal foes in the western African armies and civilian population.

Gun enthusiasts find just about everyone terrifying and some of us find the gun lovers terrifying.

I was just reading Robespierre and his articulate defense of terror as a political tool.Didn't work out well for him.


Unknown said...

You and your ilk will change your tune when Islam starts stringing you up. Your silly little useless protest will be nothing but a memory of better days after Sharia kicks in. Enjoy your life in the death cult. Live free or die.

Anonymous said...

Girls and women like the Afghani girl Malali are going to rule someday.


Unknown said...

Works for me. Brave and educated individuals is the key to many of the world's problems.

Unknown said...

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