Please Take the PTA Survey on Legislative Action

Want a fully funded education for Washington's children?

Make a postcard  Your response to the survey  will be printed into a postcard, and these will be hand delivered to your Washington State Legislators (your Senator and 2 Representatives) plus Governor Inslee on ​Washington State PTA Focus Day on January 19th in Olympia.
This is the last chance-the deadline for filling out the survey is Monday January 13th at 10 p.m. so please take a few moments now to fill out the survey

Going to Focus Day on January 19th? 
  • Find out more and register here
  • Don't feel like driving?  Ride the bus.  Round trip tickets are $10/adult and $5/kids.  Bus will leave from both the Green Lake and Airport Way park and rides.  Buy your bus tickets here
  • Want to meet with your legislators?  RSVP to your Focus Day legislative district coordinators:
    • 34th: Paul:
    • 36th:  Ljiliana:
    • 37th:  Justin:
    • 43rd:  Heidi:
    • 46th:  Toni:
Any other questions or concerns?  Email Eden at 


Watching said…
In 2009, there was an attempt to incorporate prek into the definition of basic education and there is reason to believe that there will be continued efforts to do so.

McLeary funding will not reach pre-recession levels and I encourage you to ask your legislator not to include prek into an already stressed system.
LEV Again said…

LEV will be in Olympia lobbying for funding for early learning. HellO...K-12 has not been funded and there is a court order.

"We know there is no single silver bullet that will close the opportunity and achievement gaps for Washington students. We believe I-1351 will preclude our ability to make investments in other proven strategies, such as early learning and college readiness."
LEV Again said…
LEV is also pushing for College Readiness, which is another term for Common Core. Will LEV want to push for more charter schools when there is a drop in test scores? My guess- yes.
Anonymous said…
Funding video and section on portable usage :


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