The Scoop on the Roosevelt Reservoir

I get our local newsletter,The Roosie, for all things Roosevelt/Ravenna.  They had a lengthy article on the fate of the Roosevelt Reservoir in their latest issue (which, unfortunately, is not up at their website yet).


- the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association is putting together a working group to gather info and design for community input

- SPU says that there is a drinking water study being done to be completed by April 2015 to answer the question: Will the new Maple Leaf Reservoir provide adequate water for surrounding communities?  Then, a seismic study will be done on Seattle's whole water system and that may be another year. 

So, no decisions on the use of the RR will be made until at least the middle of 2016.  

If the RR is decommissioned/surplussed, SPU's must receive fair market value per state act.  If Parks, for example, wanted that, they would have to find the money to buy it from SPU.  There would be a "property disposition process" that the City would manage and there are policies set up by the City Council for steps in that process including public input.  

So if the district wanted another school, it would seem they would have to buy the property (or someone buys it and donates it to the district). 

RNA says that it would like to increase the amount of parks/open space and supports another city park.  One person is advocating for a "Roosevelt Sport Center" with two ice rinks(!!) and maybe a pool and outside fields. 

Given that there is a park directly to the south of the reservoir, maybe the two areas could be combined. 


Anonymous said…
I predict condos as far as the eye can see... tough for schools to compete with deep-pocket developers.

Anonymous said…
Gates can do what it did to the Asian Resource Center. Use its deep pockets to snatch a resource away from the community and hand it over to the corporate reformers for a new school.

Roosevelt Reservoir Charter High baby!

Josh Hayes said…
First commenter is right: if it really IS going to be "fair market value", then SPS can't compete. That property would go for bunches of millions.
Ann D said…
It doesn't have to go to fair market, it is at the City's discretion:

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