Licton Springs Site Council Announces Showing of Eaglestaff

From the Licton Springs Site Council:

On the Monday we return - January 5th, 2015, Licton Springs K-8 and the Urban Native Education Alliance will be hosting a showing of the documentary Eaglestaff, which tells the story of Robert Eaglestaff celebrated Principal of Seattle's nationally-recognized Indian Heritage School.

The film will be at 6:00pm, in the Little Theater at the Lincoln Building, 4400 Interlake Avenue N (entrance on N43 Street). There will be a Q&A section with the filmmaker and graduates of the Indian Heritage School afterwards.

The public is welcome.

Also, here is the trailer -


Carol Simmons said…
This is an excellent film. It even has folks you will recognize as Seattle Public Schools Administrators speaking about the success of the Indian Heritage School and describing the outstanding and effective leadership of Principal Robert Eaglestaff. Try to attend the showing of this film. It demonstrates why the promised resurrection and revitalization of Indian Heritage School is so necessary and why the naming of Wilson Pacific after Robert Eaglestaff is so important.

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