Dorn Won't Be Running for Governor

The AP is reporting that State Superintendent Randy Dorn, who had been making noises about running for governor, has officially stated he will not.  Dorn had wanted to run to call attention to the lack of funding for public schools but decided his heart was not in the other responsibilities like transportation and public safety.

That leaves our current governor, Jay Inslee, a Democrat, running against Bill Bryant, a Republican, who is a businessman and former Port Commissioner, who remain in the race.


Leonard said…

Shame the Superintendent of Public Instruction- Randy Dorn- won't be running for an elected office.

Dorn's campaign would have been a wonderful opportunity to expose his shady dealings with the Gates Foundation, Washington State Charters and the Mary Walker School District. He altered ALE rules to launder tax-payer dollars into schools formed under an unconstitutional law. ALE was never intended to fund charter schools and it is unclear whether Dorn worked within his rule making capacity.

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