Please Let the District Know Your Thoughts on Their Website

It's a fairly short and simple survey but please, if you have issues with the website, let them know.


Charlie Mas said…
I wish they would fix the broken links to the archive documents.
Yes! Although I do have a new link to the Moss Adams report and will put it up shortly.
Anonymous said…
I started the survey, but got too distracted by that question about what I couldn't find on their website... I don't suppose things like clear descriptions of programs, curricula, how MTSS will work, an actual plan for how they'll reduce the achievement gap, evaluation results, high school capacity plans, etc. were quite what they were looking for. But they're what I've been looking for, to no avail.

Futile Searches

Anonymous said…
A staff directory with email addresses (or including these on the school webpages, as they were on the old website) would sure be helpful. Since all the addresses include the person's middle initial, it is not as if one can just figure them out. They told me back in October or so that this would be fixed soon, but no sign of it yet.

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