Seattle Schools 2016-2017 Calendar Approved by Board

The 2016-17 school year calendar was approved by the Seattle Public Schools School Board on May 4, 2016.

Editor's note: the winter break this year will be an entire week.  The calendar trades off every other year with just a couple of days to an entire week.  This is a negotiated item in the teachers contract.

Important dates include:

Wed., Sept. 7 Start of school
Wed., Sept. 28 2-hr early dismissal

Fri., Oct. 14 State in-service day (no school)
Wed., Oct. 26 2-hr early dismissal

Fri., Nov. 11 Veterans Day (no school)
Wed., Nov. 16 2-hr early dismissal
Mon. - Wed., Nov. 21-23 Elementary and K-8 parent-teacher conferences (varies by school)
Thurs. - Fri., Nov. 24-25 Thanksgiving (no school)

Mon. - Fri., Dec. 19-Dec. 30 Winter break (no school)

Mon., Jan. 2 New Year's Day (no school)
Tues., Jan. 3 Back to school after winter break
Mon., Jan. 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)

Wed., Feb. 1 Day between semesters (no school)
Mon., Feb. 20 Presidents' Day (no school)
Tues. - Fri., Feb. 21-24 Mid-winter break (no school) 

Wed., Mar. 22 2-hr early dismissal

Mon. - Fri., April 10-14 Spring break (no school)

Wed., May 10 2-hr early dismissal
Mon., May 29 Memorial Day (no school)

Fri. June 23 Last day of school


Anonymous said…

Please fix your note on the calendar. The new contract agreed to a consistent calendar for mid-winter more switching back and forth between having a week and not. It's always going to be a week for the rest of this contract, but this year it was shortened after the fact to make up days from the strike.

Know contract
I'll have to ask about that because I was told they still switched every other year. Not saying you aren't right but now I have conflicting information.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
The calendar runs for two years. For the next two years and until the CBS is negotiated otherwise, mid-winter break will be one full week.
Unknown said…
The calendar runs for two years. For the next two years and until the CBA is negotiated otherwise, mid-winter break will be one full week.
Patrick said…
Thanks for posting the calendar, I appreciate the early notice.

In the editor's note, I think you mean mid-winter break, not winter break.
Anonymous said…
Are there really all of those 2-hour early dismissals? I thought they were doing 1 hour early every week so we wouldn't have those anymore? Or is this in addition to that?

If there really are 2 hour early dismissals, Tier 1 elementaries will really be getting out at 12:05 all of those times?

- Confused
Lynn said…
The 20 minute longer day and weekly early dismissal (or late start) won't be implemented until 2017-18.
Anonymous said…
Lynn - ah, you are right! Sorry about that.

I still think 12:05 is really early for Tier 1s for this years early dismissals. That is one long afternoon child care need.

- Confused
Anonymous said…
Is the "day between semesters" really on a Wed (Feb 1st) this year? That and the new one start Thursday vs. at the end of the week?

Mom of 4
Anonymous said…
Oops, something got deleted there. I meant it seems strange for a semester to end on a Tuesday, and then on Thursday the middle & high school kids come back & have changed classes.

Mom of 4

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