Seattle International Film Festival Starts Soon

SIIF starts next Thursday, May 19th and runs thru June 12th.

Of interest:

- Films4Families, everything from Buster Keaton in The General, to an Indian fairy tale, Rainbow

- Animal stories galore.

  • Seasons about animals that live in Europe, 
  • A continuation of Belle&Sebastian Story (boy and dog) 
  • A penguin living on a farm (Oddball), 
  • Naledi: a baby elephant's tale from Botswana
- there's also The Family Picture Show, a 90-minute set of "animated, live-action and documentary short films curated for the young and the young at heart."

- movies for teens - FutureWave (I would suggest reading the descriptions but most are coming of age stories.).
One that looks especially interesting is Before the Streets, "set among the Atikamekw communities in Quebecc, featuring an indigenous cast speaking in their native tongue, is the redemptive story of a young man who returns to his Native tradtions after a robbery ends in tragedy."  The French comedy, Microbe and Gasoline, also looks fun.

- Short Film program includes Northern Tales, stories about Seattle

- Best of NFFTY, films by filmmakers under 18

- Documentaries including:

  • Contemporary Color - about American color-guard teams 
  • Horizons - about three generations of Cuban ballerinas
  • The Violin Teacher, from Brazil
  • Tiny:  The Life of Erin Blackwell, a follow-up film about a Seattle girl who was homeless in the 1984 Oscar-nominated Streetwise
And, one film that looks like interactive fun - the classic 1953 bad film, Glen or Glenda, from director Ed Wood, Jr via Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Anonymous said…
I love SIFF - and I love the suggestions that Melissa puts up every year. Thank you for doing this.

-SPS parent
Anonymous said…
And at 1pm on Sat 5/21 and Sun 5/22 Moomins on the Mediterranean is being shown for ages 6 and up at Northwest Film Forum on 12th Avenue between Pike and Pine, copresented with Nordic Heritage Museum. Tickets through Northwest Film Forum on brown paper tickets.
Lisa said…
Also, SIFF has a brand new venue -- Shoreline College (formerly Shoreline Community College). The theater has a brand new, super-fancy projection and sound system so the movie experience should be excellent. Also lots of legroom in the seats and a new cafe area in the lobby. And, in a true departure from SIFF's more urban locations: a PARKING LOT.
Unknown said…
The movie industry is growing really fast and I am glad to come across this school site. The date is very convenient for me and I will schedule and come and check it out. I would like to suggest you site will help me to develop my short stories in to movies and even improve my short writing this is so great.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Hello Admin,
Also, SIFF has a present-day venue -- Shoreline College (formerly Shoreline Community College). The theater has a contemporary, remarkable-fancy projection and sound gadget so the film revel in need to be great. Also plenty of legroom within the seats and a brand new cafe located in the foyer. And, in a true departure from SIFF's greater city locations: a PARKING LOT.
Thanks & Regard

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