It's that time of year at the Seattle Foundation where your donation to your favorite group gets a bump up.  If you are really busy, you don't have to wait for Tuesday, May 3rd; they have made it possible to schedule your donation.

Plus there's this:
Corporate sponsored Golden Tickets will be announced throughout the day on GiveBIG giving lucky donors a chance to win additional bonus dollars for their favorite nonprofit.
In addition, you can share your GiveBIG support with your friends for a chance to win a 24-person SoundersFC suite for you and your favorite nonprofit! Enter to win by using the hashtag #givebig and tagging @soundersfc and @Seattle Foundation in any Facebook post (see example message below). View full terms and conditions.
If you have more than one group you want to support, you can help up to 30 groups in one transaction.

My rough count is over 1,000 groups represented with education (at 363) just bumping out arts&culture (at 357.)  I see a few oddities in the education group (Crosscut?)

There are many SPS groups like Ballard High foundation, Denny Sealth Performing Arts, Friends of Garfield Orchestra, Graham Hill PTA, Hazel Wolf K-8 PTA, Highland Park PTA, Ingraham Rocket Club, John Muir PTA, Kimball PTA, Roosevelt High Foundation, Seattle World School Alumni Scholarships, STEM K-8 PTA, and Thurgood Marshall PTA.

Wondering who else to donate to in the education realm?  I recommend the Southeast Seattle Education Coalition, TAF (Technology Access Foundation), NW School for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children, and SOWA (School's Out Washington.)

But no matter what category you support or what group, this is really a great day to stretch those donor dollars AND show what a caring community we live in.  Their goal is $20M in 24 hours. 

There are no small donations when you give from the heart.


Anonymous said…
I'd also suggest Sawhorse Revolution for their work to bring hands-on education to students, and Youth Care and Cocoon house for their work with homeless youth.

D said…
Thanks for the shout out to SOWA! We appreciate it and would love support to help our mission to provide kids with access to high-quality after school, summer and youth development programs. So many great orgs out there! Thanks, And learn more www.schoolsoutwashington.org
Anonymous said…
Seattle Audubon - they provide their "Finding Urban Nature" program to 3rd and 4th graders at several SPS schools, free of charge.

Hunger Intervention Program - they provide weekend food packs, summer meals and other nutritional support for kids at several north-end schools (i.e. Olympic Hills, John Rogers, etc...).

-North-end Mom
Anonymous said…
So Nathan Hale did not get their info in in time. Apparently you can donate to the Alliance for Education and then designate the donation to a particular school. I did that, and designated the Nathan Hale Foundation.


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