Special Ed PTSA Meeting (and a Ted Talk)

Via Soup for Teachers Facebook page.
Please join us Monday, May 23 at 7:00 pm for the next general meeting of the Seattle Special Education PTSA at JSCEE. Teachers, parents/guardians, students and community partners all welcome. 

There will be guest speakers talking about different home and community based interventions and resources for our students. We will be joined by Mika Rollin, BCBA, Dr Nicole Swedberg talking about Dyslexia , Louisa Hall and Melissa Morrissette from Sound Mental Health. 

Members will also be voting both for the 2016-17 Spec Ed PTSA budget and the 2016-17 Special Ed Board. 

Hope to see you there!
Great TED talk on inclusion in classrooms and why it's important. " 'Special' means separate."


Anonymous said…
I notice that there will be elections for the SPED PTSA Board on Monday night. Who is on the slate? Why isn't this information available to members beforehand ? Still pending?


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