Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Another School Shooting

Update: I will strive to differentiate between shootings at school properties and people shot while at school.  I see there is pushback on the number of "school shootings" since January 1.  Of course, how silly that we would argue this since there should be NO school shootings of any kind.

end of update

Yet ANOTHER school shooting, this time at a Florida high school.  There were at least 20 people shot but they have not yet said how many died. 

On this point, we live in an insane country.  It IS not worth the fear, pain and death that having easy access to guns allows.

One thing I think that should happen is this (because money is the one thing that gets people's attention).   I think that for accidental shootings that cause injury where the gun is not stolen, the homeowner will be held responsible.  It is every gun owner's responsibility to know where their guns are at ALL times.

Fine those crimes, say, $25K and you'll see people snap to.

For crimes that not accidental, then the fine goes waaay up.

You can have your guns but you will be held responsible for what happens in their use.