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Nice idea: parents painting motivational art on school lockers/bathroom stall doors.

 Tomorrow is Visual Arts Career Day at SAM.
Visual Arts Career Day is a free event that provides youth ages 14-21 with direct access to visual arts industry professionals through networking, experiential learning, engaging sessions, and hands-on art making in partnership with One Reel, and the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.
Participants are exposed to a wide range of career opportunities in the visual arts including a chance to connect with artists, designers, educators, curators, photographers, art advocates, professionals in retail, fundraising, management, arts administration, and more.
Registration Required
Also in the same vein:

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Three director community meetings with directors tomorrow, Saturday the 24th

Patu - 9:30-11 am at Raconteur, 5041 Wilson Ave S
Pinkham - 1-2:30 pm at Northgate Public Library, 10548 5th Ave NE
Mack - 1-3 pm at Magnolia Public Library, 2801 34th Ave W. 

What's on your mind?


Anonymous said…
Uh Oh, the kids are planning a walkout on Monday to take away our guns!

Please join all of us scared gun toters and counter protest this socialist agenda!

Keep America a free-fire zone as the Founders intended!

The Founders also wanted people to always be able to stand up and speak their minds.

Stop with the hysterics; very few want to get rid of all guns but we want gun owners to be responsible for their guns.
Anonymous said…
Very disturbing news out of Florida, it appears the local authorities purposely dismissed arresting the school shooter before the fact. Authorities were following a restorative justice directive from local politicians. School districts were promised funding for lowering expulsion and suspension rates of minorities. | Broward County Sheriff’s Office Did Not “Miss Warning Signs” or Make “Mistakes”…

Follow the money

MJ 13

Anonymous said…
@Tassle- The semi automatic military weapons used in these mass shootings did not exist when
the "founders" advocated for the right to bear arms. Reasonable people are advocating a restriction on mass instruments of "war", not on "guns", in which an inexperienced teenager can kill 17 people in under 6 minutes. Should the public and an 18 year old also have easy access to bombs? The data is clear that putting up roadblocks to ownership will reduce mass shootings.
Anonymous said…
I am pleasantly surprised to see the Seattle Schools 2018-19 calendar is already available on the district page. I don't know when calendars are usually released but last year it was frustratingly late as I recall. Maybe that was an anomalous year. At any rate, here you go:

Anonymous said…
I support banning 18 year olds from bringing AR 15s to schools.

Anonymous said…
Please present the clear data...l think you are using a cliche and don't have any data. There are 200 million semi auto guns owned by citizens. Given that there are around 350 million guns in America the rate of gun violance seems extremely low. There are around 260 million cars registered in the US and around 40000 vehicular deaths each year and around 8000 non suicide deaths by firearms. You are 5 times more likley to be killed by a car than a gun. Thats data!

Please respond
Anonymous said…
Thats why Seattle wants to get rid of cars!

Anonymous said…
Ban alcohol, a huge killer - most auto deaths involve booze and it causes billions and billions in health costs and millions of premature deaths.

I think Seattle is doing the right thing in promoting cycling and mass transit.

The soda tax should also save lives, sugar is a danger.

As far as guns, they have as their main purpose to kill and injure. I think if people want to target shoot they can access guns at a range - only at a range.

Cars are used for something other than killing, they are intended to provide mobility, like a walker or wheelchair or bicycle. Hopefully self-driving cars will arrive soon and death from cars will drop dramatically.

BTW, the interweb says 33,000 people died from firearms in 2013, so it's pretty darn close to cars and like I said guns don't provide any useful service, they are DESIGNED to kill.

I know there is a narrative here that nobody wants guns removed from society like in the UK or Australia, but that is wrong. Millions of Americans want a gun free society.

Gun free
Anonymous said…
@please respond - The opinions on gun access versus control in our country vary. However, I think there are areas where reasonable people can come together and try to do something. We have one of the worse track records anywhere in the world of death by mass shootings.

There are roadblocks to ownership for which we can advocate. Raising the ownership age to 21 would have some impact. As brain research has illustrated, teens brains are developmentally different than adults & they are more impulsive.

Also, as an analogy, raising the drinking age from 18 to 21 did result in less teen accident deaths.

As you are probably aware, Australia was able to virtually eliminate mass shootings over the past 22 years by banning semi automatic weapons entirely. Although some argue that would not work in the US. Our history and ideology is different and they actually confiscated guns which would likely not happen in the US.

Although I believe a majority of Americans would likely support (again) a ban on semi-automatic weapons which we had until 2004. There were issues though with the ban being effective just because we have so many that were grandfathered.

Given that there are around 350 million guns in America the rate of gun violance seems extremely low."

But if you die in a car, it's generally an accident, not a murder. Gun violence is real problem for schools and needs to be checked. Given that this kid could not buy a handgun at his age but an assault weapon means something should change.

And, as others have said, this does not happen in other countries. This is NOT normal and anyone who accepts these mass killings as just part of the price we pay to have guns is wrong. I don't and neither do millions of other people.

Anonymous said…
The entire cars vs guns argument is completely invalidated when you compare hours of use (and the fact that car death should are usually accidents)

NW Patent
Anonymous said…
Semi auto firearms have never been illegal. I think you are confusing certain types of magazines and certain types of guns. Also the law did not apply to existing ownership of the baned weapons. The grandfather clause would not effect 100s of millions of existing weapons. Since 2004 groups have formed that specifically use assault type weapons in match competition this means they will meet the exemption clause.

Anonymous said…
Yep an accident just like what illegal alien lopez-sanchez did when he killed poor Kate Steinle. 62% of firearm fatalities are suicide and dont involve assault rifles. When you are dead you are dead, does it really matter how?

Good Luck, I think we all know what you are saying and it seems a bit semantic. But the day of change is coming.

JR, I'll have to believe in your zeal that you did not read what you wrote. Your last sentence is beyond offensive, especially to anyone who loses a loved one to violence or disease.

Yes, it does matter.
Anonymous said…
The needs of the many do not out weigh the needs of one gun owner, until that gun owner commits a felony or other act resulting in prosecution and lost of their rights. Where have all the terrorist gone? Why didn't the authorities want to stop Cruz?

Get real

"The needs of the many do not out weigh the needs of one gun owner". In your opinion.

Usually the needs of many DO outweigh your need for one thing.

Your questions are just meaningless for this discussion.
Anonymous said…
@Good Luck- Read the last sentence of what I wrote."There were issues though with the ban being effective just because we have so many that were grandfathered." Yes, in Australia they actually confiscated the guns..different country. Does not mean we can do nothing. And about raising the age from 18?....
Anonymous said…
I'm fine with more checks and raising the age to own guns, lets make the same as for voting.

Anonymous said…
Just ban 'em. It's the future for godess's sake. Does anyone think we'll have private gun ownership in 100 years when our kids grand-kids are in charge?

17 tears
Anonymous said…
@GOOD LUCK -"I'm fine with more checks and raising the age to own guns, lets make the same as for voting."
I hope people in the US will be able to come together to advocate for reasonable and effective strategies you mentioned. Those strategies will make an impact.

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