Sunday, February 11, 2018

Seattle Schools This Week - Feb. 12-17, 2018

 I'm sure you received notification but the bus drivers' strike has ended and bus service will resume tomorrow morning.

Monday, Feb. 12th
Board Work Session on the Superintendent Search, JSCEE 8-10 am.

Tuesday, Feb. 13th
Board meeting.  Agenda

I note that the Board has chosen to move the meeting from its regular Wednesday date to Tuesday; I believe that is because of Valentines Day.  I applaud their kindness to staff and public alike.

The meeting should be short as there are only Intro items and no Action items.   As well, there is an Executive Session (on "potential litigation") directly after the meeting so the public will need to leave immediately. 

Of interest:

- the unaudited Board-mandated annual financial report for 2016-2017
- introduction for the next year of the City's Pre-K program in SPS.  I have some thoughts on this topic but I'll write a separate thread.

Saturday, Feb 17th
Community Meeting with Director Burke at Green Lake Library from 1-3 pm.

Community Meeting with Director Harris at High Point Library from 3-5


Anonymous said...

Betting that the potential litigation is being sued by the family of the Muir student allegedly raped at school by an employee.


Anonymous said...

Not only is Wed Valentine's Day, it is also Ash Wednesday. Two good reasons to shift the board meeting to Tuesday.


NO 1240 said...

According to the BAR, the district wants to serve a total of 461 Seattle pre students via the city's prek program. There are enough students to fill an ENTIRE school. Yet, the city does not pay rent.

Yet, the city worked to issue charter schools unlawful variances. I am uncertain if the city provided Green Dot Middle School with an unlawful variance.

The board needs to assure the city is a true partner.

Melissa Westbrook said...

No on 1240, yes, I'm going to remind the Board of how the City is not a real partner but expects a lot from the district.

Tim Burgess has an op-ed in the Times about the pre-k levy and mentions the district.

Dave said...


Stay tuned.

Storm on the horizon.

District has been busy for at least a year, keeping a lid on the true climate and culture inside Muir. It's the vanguard of the lawless culture.