Monday, February 12, 2018

Salmon Bay K-8 Film Series

PIE (Parent Information Exchange) Presents: Film Series 2018

Our Public Schools: Promises and Threats In The 21st Century

The series will be at Salmon Bay School, 1810 NW 65th Street at 7 pm.
Films will be shown at 7:00 PM on: 

Feb. 13   /  Feb. 28
Mar. 7  /  Mar. 13

 Film #1
Backpack Full Of Cash
TUESDAY, FEB. 13, 2018,  7:00 PM

Film #2
Education, Inc.
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 28, 2018,  7:00 PM

 Film #3
Rise Above The Mark 
7:00 PM (See Trailer and More at: http://riseabovethemark.com

Film #4: 
TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 2018, 7:00 PM  http://www.rockfishproductions.com/standardized

ALL FOUR FILMS will feature:
  • Free Admission
  • Popcorn and Candy
  • Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)
  • Several Random Door Prizes!
  • AND an Optional Essay Contest for interested Salmon Bay middle school students, with prizes for each randomly chosen entry.
A Fun And Informative Evening For EVERY member of the family. Join Us!
(Questions? Please call 206-786-4428 or email us at: steve@takebackyourtime.org)


Anonymous said...

Salmon Bay K-8 --- a "choice" school where 76% of the students are white but only 8% live in poverty and only 2% are English language learners --- is running a film series railing against education reforms that are designed to improve educational outcomes for students who are the opposite of those that Salmon Bay serves: students of color, students experiencing poverty, and immigrant students.

Looks like Steve Nesich and the rest of the Salmon Bay PTA got theirs and want to make sure that "others" don't get theirs.


Anonymous said...

@Francis- First of all, do you even know him? Steve Nesich comes from a poor & disadvantaged background himself. You should not make assumptions about people's upbringing and perspectives based upon race. In addition, Steve Nesich is an advocate of Diane Ravich's perspectives about negative influences of corporate influence on education etc. He has been for a long time.
-Some people

Anonymous said...

Steve Nesich is not poor and disadvantaged now.

And the fact that he is a disciple of Diane Ravitch is readily apparent.

He's using his current status and ability to make choices for his own children while advocating for blocking the ability of other families to make similar choices.


Anonymous said...

@Francis - Some of these films have been shown at other schools. Did you complain about them then? You seem to have a personal gripe with a parent at the school. I suggest you not make personal assumptions about others. We don't need any more prejudice and hate speech in this country right now.

But you've stirred my interest. I think I'll go tonight to see what the buzz is about.

Kudos to the Salmon Bay PTA for organizing this free event.

-Shame Onyou

NO 1240 said...

Special thanks to Steve Nesich!!

Nesich is not on Gate's payroll. He uses his personal time and effort to support ALL children. He is a public school advocate. Nesich has worked to educate the public. He has worked to assure that ALL children do NOT receive a one size fits all model of education. He spends his precious time advocating against testing that disadvantages vulnerable populations, English Language Learners and more.

Nesich understands that charter schools are not accountable to an elected board and he understands the influence of money on our educational system. Within a short period of time, we have seen Washington Charters undermine our highest court. We have also watched Green Dot and the city of Seattle ignore their own laws to build charter schools in Seattle.

There was an "Education Lab" event last night The Seattle Times "Education Lab" is funded by Gates. Linda Shaw was on stage. She called up others from the "Education Lab". Claudia Rowe and Neil Morton walked onto the stage. The Seattle Times Education Lab is funded by Gates and this is why we don't have unbiased reporting. Rowe has been carrying water for the Gates Foundation.

Special thanks to Steve Nesich - and other independent voices- that have worked to educate the public.

Very poor taste to bring a person's child into a public conversation.

Anonymous said...

Adults who have beliefs like this person named Nesich (whom I'd never heard about before and plan to not know about hence) should be not be using SPS property for
a "Film Festival" that supports their own politics.

I am a Ravitch supporter (though not a kool-aid drinker) and veteran public school teacher.

This is a gross misuse of public facilities. Using a public school (although their PTA funding likely gives them an outsized voice--another ethics issue) to enhance their political views violates all kinds of ethics, if not some laws.

It would be great if this type of energy were put into making SPS a school district that has some actual equity. The demand for Charter Schools wouldn't exist if underserved families were not getting shortchanged in such obvious ways in this district.

I don't think it's any accident that a parallel conversation is going on right now on this blog which (again) dismisses the actuality of racism in this country by bringing up Breitbart types of arguments. This is the "Seattle Liberal" way.

Uber Ethics

Anonymous said...

Thanks, NO 1240, for confirming my original point. These folks are working tirelessly to block choices for others that they themselves have.


Another View said...

School property is used for a variety of events- including campaigns, political caucuses etc.

Nesich seeks to create choice within the public school system for all children.

Anonymous said...

Uber Ethics --- You demonstrate selective outrage.

An entire forum in favor of charter schools was held at Washington Middle School a few years back. Did you protest that "gross misuse of public facilities" to promote someone’s agenda?

Films covering a variety of topics have been screened at other SPS schools. One was about the dangers of too much screen time for kids. Another one about alternative schools and project based learning was shown at Garfield. That included some charter schools though, so I guess you didn’t object to that one.

Arguably last week the entire district’s facilities and teachers were used to promote a perspective and an ad hoc curriculum that did not necessarily enjoy support from everyone. Was that a reason not to allow Black Lives Matter Week? By your own argument it should not have been permitted.

Invoking law and ethics seems like a veiled attempt at intimidation.

It seems your real issue is any critique of charter schools. But why? Green Dot is expanding in the Seattle area. (Breaking the law to get building permits apparently). So is Summit Charters. Now more than ever we should take a close look at these private/public schools and see what they are all about and if they are doing what they say they are. The jury’s out. The Times/Rowe article lacks any data supporting the charter schools that have been operating in Washington the past two years. They should have a track record by now. What is it?

Not buying your claim to “support” Diane Ravitch. Anyone who genuinely agrees with the ed historian’s perspectives on public ed (which have changed from pro to anti charter) would not use the term “kool aid.” That implies she’s the head of a cult. If you recognize something to be a cult, why would you join it? If you were part of a cult, you likely wouldn’t realize it.

The films in the Salmon Bay series appear to address charter schools, but also the overuse of testing and standardization. What’s wrong with casting a critical eye on those issues? Sound pretty topical to me.

--facts matter

Anonymous said...

Facts don't seem to matter to facts matter. Green Dot has not broken any laws --- as a matter of fact, it requested special allowances for its building permits through normal channels. The current law was written before charter schools existed and it was seeking considerations that are provided to SPS. It did not receive them and appropriately changed their plans. No laws were broken. Facts matter.

And where are getting that Summit has done the same thing?


Melissa Westbrook said...

Yes, school property can be rented and used by almost anyone. The school can't really bar the district from rentals. Nothing unethical about that.

I am sad to see anyone speak out against Steve Nesich who is a tireless advocate for public education. If you don't like the film series, don't go. If you think there needs to be other films about public education shown, go to your PTA and organize it. Nothing is stopping you.

I certainly don't dismiss any ideas about racism in this country (except for those who think it doesn't exist). Sorry you miss that, Uber.

Francis, that is simply not true. Green Dot knew very well that the code did not apply to them. I suspect someone up the food chain pushed the first departure - done NOT to code by the Planning Department -thru but when they tried again for the high school, nothing doing.

The code requires SPS to be notified AND asked if they want to be represented on the departure committee. That didn't happen either time so yes, a law was broken.

As I reported, Green Dot has now backed off the departure idea and I think they know because of the bad press they would get.

Francis, it might be useful to you to read my Green Dot thread on this matter. There is a lot to be suspicious about.

Anonymous said...

"An entire forum in favor of charter schools was held at Washington Middle School a few years back" is something that I didn't know about because maybe it wasn't advertised on this blog and sponsored by the WMS PTA.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

If it was sponsored by the WMS PTA with the intent to politicize and promote a political agenda, then I would call that a violation equal to the one at Salmon Bay.

I really don't care whether you "buy" my support of Ravitch or not, but I must say that your rationale of discrediting my support of her on my use of "Kool-Aid" was one of the best laughs I've had today.

If bringing up ethics causes someone to feel "intimidated" then maybe they need to examine their own behavior.

Uber Ethics

Melissa Westbrook said...

Again Uber, go check the law - you will not find in it that people can't rent school buildings for a political purpose. It's not an endorsement by the school or district; it's business. Naturally, there are limitations like hate speech.

Also, when you make comments, make sure we all know who they are directed to. It's confusing otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Francis --- You’re a little too quick on the draw. Look again. I said Green Dot and Summit are both expanding in Seattle. Which they are. The parenthetical comment about the illegal zoning departure only pertained to Green Dot.

You only mention the Green Dot high school. Yes they did back down from asking for a zoning departure, which would have been illegal. But only because they were caught. There is another Green Dot charter school – a middle school – that apparently did get a zoning departure somehow, behind the scenes. That was illegal.

Even the Times admits that charter schools are not legally eligible for these exceptions.

Uber --- In fact, ethics is one of the reasons I am very skeptical about charter schools. They have a bad track record on that score. But as I said previously, you appear to cherrypick your moral outrage, and seemed to only care about the 'ethics' of some uses of district facilities and not others. Questioning someone's ethics, as you did, was an attempt to impugn and therefore intimidate.

Glad I made you laugh.

--facts matter

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Aren't charter schools, testing etc nonpartisan?

Definition of nonpartisan
: not partisan; especially : free from party affiliation, bias, or designation nonpartisan ballot a nonpartisan board

Both are supported and not supported by members of both political parties.


Melissa Westbrook said...

HP, everything is political especially in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Political yes, but non partisan does not mean not political, it means not particular to one party, so if the PTAs policy is nonpartisan that doesn't mean not political. Again, you will find members of all parties that either support or don't support charter schools, testing, etc. The movie is not a Democratic, or Green, or Republican film.