Monday, February 26, 2018

Call Your Legislative Reps TODAY

The Senate Ways and Means Committee is reviving the Enhanced Background Checks for Assault Weapons (SB5444) as part of a package of school safety measures in SB6620. The bill was first read on Friday 2/23.
The bill improves security in schools and the safety of students by not only requiring the same background check process to purchase certain rifles and shotguns as is currently required for pistols and and prohibiting persons under the age of 21 from purchasing certain rifles and shotguns. It also creates a grant program for school districts to implement emergency response systems and creates a program to provide students and the community with the means to report unsafe or violent activities.
I urge you to contact your Legislative reps to comment on this bill on the Bill Information page of leg.wa.gov.  Or you can use this handy messaging system to contact all your reps.

If this isn’t an emergency situation, what is? 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this update, I called my reps in support. I spoke with my senator's office and (as of 9 a.m. Monday) it looks like the Senate version of the bill (SB 6620) has a hearing today but the companion House bill (HB 3004) hasn't been introduced yet. If you have an opinion about this topic, today would be a good day to contact your state representatives. Thanks for the legislator lookup link above, Melissa.