Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Denise Juneau

I had printed many good things said about superintendent candidate, Jeanice Swift, and, since I support the candidacy of Denise Juneau, thought I would add some research I had done about her.

From Dr. Darlene Schottle who sits on the Montana Board of Education:

I worked with Denise Juneau in several capacities. I was the superintendent in Kalispell, one of the larger school districts in Montana; I was on the Board of Public Education and served with her on several committees. She pays great attention to detail and ensures she is well informed on subjects pertinent to current initiatives. Denise does what she believes to be in the best interest of students. Yes, I do feel she improved student access and outcomes. 
I feel that she has the background knowledge, public personality and strength of character to be an effective leader in your community.
I was also able to reach another person who works at a foundation that seeks to only provide quotes on the work of the foundation so I can't name him.  But he worked with Juneau for nearly six years on the Graduation Matters initiative.  He said that while it was a group effort from many, that Juneau was the one who pulled all the players together and saw the initiative thru to fruition.

More good news for the Board and for the district in terms of having two great candidates who align with the district's stated goals and vision.

One area that I haven't yet been able to suss out is their work with unions.  I'll keep trying.

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