Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Here They Come, Electeds

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Anonymous said...

And in our country they should all be automatically registered to vote and provided information about how to vote. It remains unbelievable that the U.S. doesn't make it trivially simple for people to exercise their right to vote.

I hope they all vote this year.


Anonymous said...

It’s already simple to register to vote...for example, you can do it online.
If a person isn’t willing to take that simple step, it would be a good indication they probably aren’t going to be willing to do the work to be an informed voter.

Anonymous said...

And you somehow think they all have been washed in to believing you liberal agenda.


Melissa Westbrook said...

"..washed in to believing you liberal agenda.."

Wrong, if that's the best writing you have, I'm not worried. These kids will show up.

Anonymous said...
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Eric B said...

ABBA, Is that really the best you could do? I think you need a couple more semesters at trolling school.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty easy to register to vote in Washington State. In some states in the South, however, that is not the case. It should be as easy as it is here, everywhere. Also, every state should have voting by mail. In some states, voters in certain precincts have to wait hours in line, in all kinds of weather, missing work, in order to exercise their constitutional right to vote, while other precincts in the same states have more locations per voter and no lines at all. And the precincts that have too few facilities and impossibly long lines are ones that have more diverse populations, and skew Democratic.

It's time to stop putting up barriers to voting and to stop gerrymandering, which occurs with both parties. If you can't win a vote without cheating, then get better candidates. Cheating is un-American.


Anonymous said...

ABBA, you seem stressed out and angry. Maybe you should get off the internet and go for a walk, or get a job, or something.


Joe Wolf said...

Thank goodness.

iv said...

And in our country they should all be automatically registered to vote and provided information about how to vote.

No, no, no!

Are you aware that in our state the process of registering to vote means that your full name, physical address, and date of birth are automatically put online for everyone anywhere to see, save, and analyze? It's fine if you don't care personally, but that is something that should NEVER, EVER be done automatically, and frankly, no 18 year old is going to understand what risks that encompasses. Yes, there is a process for getting a registered address in Olympia, but only if you're already considered at risk, and it is an onerous process. It only protects you if you if you know there's a safety issue before you register. There's no such thing as putting that genie back in the bottle.

This is a very unfortunate law that needs to be changed. Back in the pre-internet days it wasn't as big of a problem, much more so today.

Anonymous said...

iv brings up a key point that I have been thinking about recently. We have a president now who is more than willing to retaliate against one's livelihood simply based on one's voter registration. In other words, given free reign, this POTUS would be more than willing to deny federal funding to talented and productive research scientists simply because they are registered democrats. He's actually mentioned this several times and only his lack of focus and professional impotence keeps him from bringing this to fruition. In light of this administration's attempts to impose authoritarian rule, I would like to see party affiliation kept private in the future if possible. Thus, I agree with iv that it is time for privacy legislation to protect registered voters.

That said, at this time, the only way to reverse this process and prevent abuse of individual citizens is to register to vote and vote your conscience. I hope our youngsters do so.


Eric B said...

Cynic, One of the nice things about Washington State is that we're not registered by party. That doesn't resolve iv's legitimate safety issues, but it does address yours. Other states are obviously different.

Unknown said...

Also in my younger days you were supposed to be an American citizen. And not a convicted felon I don't know what's going on with the immigrants or refugees and why they are allowed to vote this needs to stop