Saturday, April 07, 2018

What Personalized Learning Feels Like..From a Teen

Update: looks like this video got pulled which is kind of odd, given how viral it had become.  Wonder if the school/"personalized learning" company got mad.

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This is a video from a poetry slam at a high school where one girl puts forth - hilariously and poignantly - her issues with "personalized learning."  She talks about no talking, no human interaction. no teacher input, and students having to teach themselves, learning from videos. (Her mother put this video out on Facebook and said it was okay to share.)

I hope you consider this for your own child about what you want learning to look like for him or her.

It is all about relationships for the best and deepest learning.


Anonymous said...

The link is not working.


Unknown said...

My charter school does personalized learning. The teacher interaction is minimal, I guess. The only classes I have where we rarely use the computer and are actually taught by the teacher are English and Math.
The hardest part for me is the fact that we have to learn the majority of the work ourselves, which never made much sense to me considering the fact that the teachers should be teaching us.

--Charter Student

SPS Elementary said...

Our SPS elementary school used ST Math and RAZ Kids. One of my daughter's classmates spent about 4 weeks trying to memorize her password (a long series of pictures) to get in so she could learn some math. Seemed like a weird thing to do to first graders.

Anonymous said...

Like all things education, some approaches work for some kids and not for others. Online learning can be a great tool for some kids in some subjects. For others, it can be a disaster. In the case of the latter, online learning is NOT "personalized." Truly personalized learning does not dictate a specific curriculum delivery format, but is instead tailored to how a student learns best. It's a ridiculous term.

all types

Outsider said...

One has to wonder -- as the one-size-fits-all policy tightens its grip on public schools, thanks to "equity educators," what choice will students actually have if the one size doesn't fit them? Ya ya, it's fine to say quality interaction with a human teacher is better than a computer. But if that human interaction comes in only one size, and it's not your size, what choice do you really have?

Melissa Westbrook said...

Well, again, just like "equity," our district needs to define these terms.

What is personalized learning for SPS? What does it look like in the classroom? How much time in the day is on a computer? Who decides on what software is used?

Rafael said...

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