Wednesday, April 18, 2018

GoFundMe for Professional Development for Teacher for 2E Students

 Via Facebook:

Teachers in Seattle public schools receive very little to no training in Gifted and Twice Exceptional (2e)* students education. In the meantime, all research points to the fact that especially these children require a deeper kind of learning and engagement  - and in the absence of this they disengage, fall through the cracks or worse.

We are a group of parents of gifted and 2e  students that want to see our kids' amazing potential realized, both for their well being and that of Society at large - and we know that teachers are the ones best positioned to make a difference for these children!

We would like to send at least one Seattle Public School teacher to an outstanding professional development provided by Bridges Academy's premier research center for understanding and teaching the growing population of 2e students.

The estimate cost for one teacher to go is $2,800 (including $1000 for tuition, $400 for air tickets, $800 for lodging and $600 for food and transportation). 

We are excited to announce that a teacher from Cascadia Elementary has stepped up to attend this training. This teacher leader would act as a mentor to other teachers in their school and the Seattle district to support gifted and 2e education!

Space is limited - so we would appreciate your donations as soon as possible.

*Jane Austin, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln,  Mozart, Einstein are only a few of the names of personalities that advanced the human knowledge and are believed to have been gifted while having learning differences.


Owler said...

It's sad that SPS won't fund professional development, and parents have to organize a Gofundme. I hope this teacher will not have to use personal time to pass the training on to other schools.

Anonymous said...

At a minimum, at least one teacher from each HCC pathway school should attend. It tells you a lot about the state of gifted and 2e education in Seattle that SPS doesn't bother to do at least that much.


Anonymous said...

Good but not great. Where is the AL Dept. at on this?

Happy Contrails

Anonymous said...

The AL department is as far as I can tell, a testing and placement department only. I've been told time and again that the dollars they have are only enough for testing. No curriculum and certainly no PD.
-long road

Anonymous said...

All PD at HC sites is paid for by parent groups, or a GoFundMe as in this case! It's a great idea given that there's no other way I can see to make this training available.

-PD Supporter