Billie and Lizzo

I am an old person but passionate about music.  I'm a little late to the party on Lizzo and Billie Eilish but if you have a tween or teen, I'm sure you've heard of them.  But listen up because these two young women are not girl singers of any bygone generation.  I do like their music especially Lizzo (who is going to be at Bumbershoot - she'd be amazing live).

What's important, though, for the purposes of youth in our lives, is that these two have decided to be exactly who they are.

Lizzo is African-American and speaks openly about body size issues but in this video where she shows her bravery, she says, "I'm done with that."  It's a good thing to show your kids.  (She does use some foul language as does Billie.)  Her mini-concert on NPR is funny and fantastic.

Billie Elilish, like Lizzo, is some kind of force of nature.  She's a funny, opinionated, and has body dysmorphia.  She also has Tourette's and she and her brother, Finn, made their first record four years ago to help a dance teacher.  It went from there.

She also has a touch of The Who because she makes many references to not growing old(er).  Like 27.  Good luck, kid.

Rolling Stone's recent article about her is entitled, Billie Elilish and the Triumph of the Weird.  She has a video where she puts on a pointy metal crown and spiders crawl all over her face. 

These are two of the most vital young musicians today who have said, "Take me as I am because I believe in me."

I'm not sure either of them are singing to be role models but for the world we live in today, they are pretty good ones.


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