Youth Forum Candidate Voting Results

At the Youth Forum for candidates, including Seattle School Board, at City Hall last Thursday, the audience was invited to vote for candidates on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the best.  Here's how the results came out:

District 1
Eric Blumhagen 29.7%
Liza Rankin 24.3%

District 3
Rebeca Muniz 27.6%
Chandra Hampson 22.6%

District 6
Molly Mitchell 31.3%
(Leslie Harris was not present)

What I noticed is that Hampson and Mitchell both had very serious faces the entire time while Muniz, Blumhagen and Rankin both smiled and looked serious.  Don't know if that mattered to young people but it's what I saw.

No photo description available.


Anonymous said…
Interesting that Eric was ranked higher on racial equity than either Liza or Chandra. Was the vote by the youth? Do you know what the diversity of the crowd was?

Most of the crowd was indeed youth and it was youth of color (primarily Black and Asian). So yes, most of the vote was by youth.
Watching said…
Congratulations to Eric Blumhagen and Rebecca Muniz. Voters need to consider this result.

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