Coming Up on Primary Election Day

Did you get your ballot in?  You have to have it postmarked by Tuesday, August 6th.  No postage needed or try one of the convenient drop boxes.

Any predictions for City Council?  I believe we may see some close races for City Council, given the number of people running.   For the seat that Director Zachary DeWolf is running in, it seems quite a competitive races so it might be that the results won't clear Tuesday night.  I still think if he clears the primary, he should resign his seat on the school board and allow the process of picking a replacement to start. 

For Seattle School Board, in District 1, Scott Pinkham's seat, it's likely to be Eric Blumhagen and Liza Rankin.   One (on paper) that has been decided which is District 2, Rick Burke's seat, for sole candidate, Lisa Rivera Smith.  District 3 seems a bit of toss-up with all three of the competitors getting endorsements.  District 7, it's likely to be Director Leslie Harris vs Molly Mitchell.

Tomorrow's Board Work Session, on filling the seat of retiring director Betty Patu, may gives some hints about what directors are thinking. 


D3 said…
Agreed. If DeWolf makes it into the primary race for city council, he needs to resign.
Tom said…
Yes a No vote on Harris

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