Election Results

Director Zachary DeWolf came in 4th in his race for City Council which means he'll be staying on the Seattle School Board.  (Kshama Sawant came in 1st in that District 3 race followed by Egan Orion, and Pat Murkami.)

Seattle School Board

District 1 was a close race with Eric Blumhagen coming in first with 39.91%, followed closely by Liza Rankin at 36.61%.  Under 500 votes separate them.

District 3 shows Chandra Hampson coming in strong at 55.37% with Rebeca Muniz coming in second at 23.64% and Ben Leis third with 20.18%.   Under 500 votes separate Muniz and Leis.

District 6 shows Director Leslie Harris in first place with 53.41% of the vote, followed by Molly E. Mitchell with 33.8%.

Interestingly, there were 1,000 more votes cast in the District 3 race than either District 1 or
District 6. 


Anonymous said…
I can’t imagine having to listen to Chandra Hampson’s sanctimonious blather from the dais for four long years.

Canvasser said…
District 3 is a lot richer. Rich people seem to vote a lot even in off year elections.

District 1 is shaped like some kind of crazy crab claw. The rich ends of the claw vote a lot (Broadview and Matthews Beach). The rest of the crab claw doesn't vote as much.

District 6 is split. The west half votes a lot, the east half not so much. At least during primaries and off year sorts of elections. I guess having a water view makes people feel like voting.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm. Doesn’t 3000 more votes just mean more people voted in D3 or they’ve counted more of the votes for that district?

D2 Voter
Anonymous said…
This seems especially dismissive without any context. And “sanctimonious blather” could come off as a bit racist considering Chandra’s Native American status. Could you explain what you mean?

D2 Voter
Anonymous said…
D’oh, 1000 more votes! My reading comprehension has improved since this morning.

D2 Voter
Anonymous said…
I have no idea how that could be racist. Listening to sanctimonious blather these last years was difficult enough with Jill Geary on the board, this will just be more, much more, of the same.

D3 voter
Anonymous said…
I think D3 is more contentious - there were three real candidates instead of just two, and the distance between Hampson and the other two is greater than it is in either D1 or D6. I think it is going to be a bitter and nasty general election over there.

I have mixed feelings about DeWolf losing his primary; I was hoping maybe he would move on to something he cared about more than the schools.

Yet another D2 Voter who needs something to do since I didn't have a bubble to fill in.
D3 constituent said…
Kudos to Muñiz. She didn't have a single yard sign up in D3 that I saw and didn't pay for $18,000 of consulting and still did great. Great to see!
PDC Reports said…

Congratulations to Rebecca Muniz:

Muniz spent: $4869 vs Hampson $19,184

Elsa said…
Yet another D2 Voter who needs something to do since I didn't have a bubble to fill in:

Any chance we could get him to move to something he cares about anyway?

Elsa, maybe a legislative post will open up?
Anonymous said…
Well, that’s why I asked specifically what Horrifying meant by “sanctimonious blathering.“ That could be said about anyone in office who speaks to the public by someone who doesn’t like what they’re hearing. A lot of people used to refer to President Obama’s speech is as “sanctimonious”. That can mean a lot of different things.

D2 Voter
Anonymous said…
Learn to pronounce
making a show of being morally superior to other people.
"what happened to all the sanctimonious talk about putting his family first?"
synonyms: self-righteous, holier-than-thou, churchy, pious, pietistic, moralizing, unctuous, smug, superior, priggish, mealy-mouthed, hypocritical, insincere, for form's sake, to keep up appearances;

No, not everyone who speaks in public office is sanctimonious. For example, I can see this applied to Pence and not Trump.

Elsa said…

Seeing as how his own District failed to endorse him for city council, why would they coalesce on him for a higher position?

The question will remain: what has he done where he is now?

I think we both know the answer.

DeeTrois said…
Hopefully a SPS board member and failed city council candidate has ended their political career.
Anonymous said…
Jill Geary and Zachary DeWolf are a voting bloc on the school board, the mouthpiece of district senior staff, believe their role to be rubber stamps for whatever the Superintendent and her leadership want - to the point where they disdain public input and hold parents in contempt. This is in contrast to how they campaigned, as both ran as candidates who would fight for parents and the public against an uncaring and aloof JSCEE.

When they sought higher office, they both lost - badly. Geary got all of two votes when she sought the 46th District legislative appointment. DeWolf is in fourth place behind racist NIMBY Pat Murakami.

There's a lesson here. SPS's policies are massively unpopular. Board members who don't challenge those policies and who help the JSCEE wage war on parents are board members who will find themselves without a future in politics.


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