District VII Candidate Forum: Anyone Go?

If you attended the SESEC forum last night for candidates to fill the District VII position, please weigh in.

Size of crowd (if there was one), kinds of questions, any standouts, any missteps, any gut feelings on your part, who else was there besides the candidates -all that would be helpful.

I'm going to go over the questionnaire responses today and see what can be found there.

As previously noted, Sandra Bosley has withdrawn from the race.


NSP said…
8 candidates (Foster, Hahn, Hersey, Rockey, Smith, van Arcken, Voz, and Williams) came and there was a pretty good crowd. Directors Harris, Geary, Pinkham, and Burke were all in attendance as well. The format was kind of like speed dating, with each candidate spending 8 minutes each at several tables. Each table group could ask different questions, so different people probably got a different feel for the candidates. The table I was at asked a lot of questions about outreach to the community, budgeting, and experience with creating policy.

I am not from D7, so I'll leave it to others to say if there were standouts or missteps.

Anonymous said…
Let me get this straight, the two holdovers did not bother to attend?

Only the outgoing directors showed-up?

Burke can show-up for the dog and phony show but not the budget vote. Are you sure it wasn't Mrs Burke attending? It's hard to tell them apart.

D2 booboo
Anonymous said…
I stopped by. Looked like a great turn out. District 3 candidate Chandra Hampson was there, I didn't see any other candidates but I just stayed at the back of the room

NSP said…
I also saw Liza Rankin and Eric Blumhagen from D1 and Lisa Rivera-Smith from D2.
D2 booboo, this was for the candidates and the public. It was not the Board's forum and the date was only recently announced. People do make other plans in the summer. Also, lay off Burke's wife.

Thanks for that info, everyone.

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