Friday, September 27, 2019

Being Judgemental

Update: Somehow I forgot what was the main reason I wrote this thread. Because it's not about me, it's about a lot of other people.  At the end of her Facebook post about me, she said this:

Also, POC were talking about who was sitting with and talking to #WestbrookSoRacist last night. We see you. 

That "last night" was September 18th and I was at the Board meeting where the vote for the D7 director was being taken.  I was sitting at the media table.  Know who was sitting with me? Two women of color.  Who are reporters.  And that's where we all sit.  They are colleagues but not friends. 

Were they talking to me? Yes.  (Call the press, oh wait, we are the press).

What were we talking about? We were exchanging pleasantries and info on the topic at hand. 

So now Castro-Gill is outing? threatening? POC who talk to me.  Even those doing their jobs?

Deeply troubling. 

end of update

We all do this, either internally or sometimes externally.
 I debated whether to say anything about what Tracy Castro-Gill said on Facebook about my absence last weekend.  (Someone tipped me off.)

In her usual, "I'm not going to read for content but skim and then bash" style, she seems to have missed that I said:
  • That I had a death in my family, 
  • I would not be able to moderate and 
  • I did not trust the few malcontents/misfits who can't be civil not to take advantage of my absence.
The excitement with which she greeted this news was appalling to say the least.  She had a laughing hysterically emoji.  She ignored the reason for my absence and was gleeful in saying something about racists on this blog. Someone in my family died and yet she could not stop herself from popping off? Any other thread, sure, but that one?

It takes a special kind of cruelty to behave like that and have no milk of human kindness or empathy for another person's pain.

It also makes clear just how judgemental she is and I have zero doubt that's what she brings into every single school she visits.