Future Candidates, Please Help Yourselves

I read the op-ed by Emijah Smith at the South Seattle Emerald about her not getting the D7 appointment. She doesn’t directly say that the Board itself was being unfair but that the timing of the stories about her legal issues in relation to the vote seemed unfair. I know that those outlets had this information; why they waited until the day before the vote  to file them is a mystery.

She had particular ire for KUOW, saying the reporter lied.

She was also unhappy with the use of the word “demons’ in the KUOW headline. KUOW did change that in the headline when they understood the sensitivity of the use of that word for African-Americans.

I write about this not to rehash anything but to hopefully send a signal to future candidates. If there is anything in your past that could affect your candidacy, YOU be the one to tell the Board AND the public YOUR story and the sooner the better.

Because if anything that happened in your life is something to consider in the realm of judgment and temperament, the Board and the public may want to consider that.
Don’t hope it won’t surface; it will. It is very hard, in this day and age to hide legal records, especially these that are 10 years old or less.

People make mistakes; we are all human. However it is important to admit mistakes — especially when they involve the legal system.


Anonymous said…
Comments were shut down in a previous post before I could say the following.

Congrats to new Board Member Hersey!

This is a grueling, thankless, painfully public, uncompensated job on top of an already full plate of work and family life. You are responsible for overseeing a $1B budget and crafting policies to address some major challenges to our community. I hate that the battle lines that got drawn in the nomination process on this blog did not acknowledge the immense sacrifice you are making for our community. Thank you for your service.

District Parent
Anonymous said…
Emijah Smith committed a brutal attack on an innocent person. The fact that she now tries to paint herself as the victim says it all right there: she should not have been allowed anywhere near the school board and it is a very good thing indeed that she did not get the appointment.

No Violence
kellie said…
Ditto to District Parent.

Incredible well said.

Grueling and Thankless and desperately needed oversight of a $1B budget. Thank you Director Hersey for your service.

Anonymous said…
D7 should be worried about their new director being able to juggle the demands of being a full time teacher along with SPS needs. This guy is not going to have a life outside of public education for 2 years. I hope he will be able to endure.

SPS parent
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