Wednesday, September 04, 2019

The Start of a New School Year

As we begin the new school year (15th year for me), I want to say thank you for all the support from the community.  You have made my job easier and more enjoyable.  I love what I do and part of the credit for that goes to all of you.

I know many of you are outraged at the district.  I am outraged at the district also.  However, please know that the teachers here in Seattle are a highly skilled and dedicated group of professionals who take educating your children very seriously.  I appreciate that parents and the community in general see the difference.  We teachers say thank you.

I hope all of you (and your children) have a great year!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael. I too am outraged at the district and I am supremely happy to be done with it (our grad just started college this year). I feel like I have PTSD from 12 years of dealing with the district. The only bright spot has been the talented teachers who work to hold this district together. I consider it extremely lucky that my daughter had you for math.


Anonymous said...

Thank you teachers. You all and you all alone are the reasons I am happy with my kids schools.