Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Brandon Hersey is new D7 Director

The vote was 4-2 with Geary and Pinkham voting for Emijah Smith.

I’ll post more on what was said later.


Anonymous said...

This is despite what was evidently overwhelming parent support for the other candidate. Interesting. I'd like to hear rationale for the choice that ignores parents.

Concerned Parent

Anonymous said...

Concerned parent, where is the evidence of this overwhelming support? Phone calls? Emails? Not everyone can make a public meeting.

Fed Up

Anonymous said...

@concerned parent

This blog isn't representative of district parents, either.


Anonymous said...

The district with the population that struggles the most gets the youngest and least experienced candidate, with little knowledge of the district.

More noise please

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the candidate who got no votes? Maybe that type of experience wasn't what the were looking for.


Melissa Westbrook said...

Concerned Parent, you need to be clearer in your comment. Who is the one with "overwhelming parent support?" Also, how do you know that?

ALL of you need to be clear about who you are talking about.

D7 Parent said...

The district had a form for people to register their "vote" as well as forms at all the candidate forums to fill out. They did not (to my knowledge) reach out to immigrant community groups in D7 to help spread the word which was a huge oversight.
This process has been pretty brutal for all the candidates. It would have been so much better to have had an election. I hope the board has learned something from it, but from my perspective it wasn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

This board lacks a brain and a spine. They brought in Amplify. They failed to vote in Ms. Van Arcken. Says a lot about their priorities.

Clearly, they prioritize optics. And the district 7 replacement kangaroo court is/was also only about OPTICS, not excellence. Not about scaffolding kids and communities to higher achievement.

Julie Van Arcken got twice as many public ‘votes’ as the next highest candidate. Fact. But, this was not an election, and an electronic survey is not a substitute for a properly processed ballot box. But still.... she got twice as many votes. But that counts for nothing. In the end, the board went with optics. So, what (who) the public overwhelmingly wanted, at least per SPS’s own tool to gather that feedback, they ignored. Rather typical.


Anonymous said...

@ D7 Parent:

I sure hope you are not holding the Board responsible for there not having been an election.

-- Ivan Weiss

Anonymous said...

"Julie Van Arcken got twice as many public ‘votes’ as the next highest candidate."

You've got to be kidding if you think that was a measure of the public. It was a vote of the well-connected.

Get Real

Anonymous said...

They don’t need another HCC proponent of stratified education. That’s what we’re moving away from. The focus is African American males, and now we have a highly qualified one. We don’t need a do gooder special interest panderer. And we don’t need someone who has already dragged down the PTSA, with a quasi criminal record as a bonus. The choice was correct, and obvious.

Get Overit

Anonymous said...
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