If You See Something, Say Something, Please

Via the City of Covington's Facebook page - please, if you see something that doesn't seem right, say something. Please tell your child it is not tattling or snitching; it's doing the right thing.

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Anonymous said…
Since you didn't allow comments on your post re TCG here we go:
First of all I am sorry for your loss.
Then let me tell you have disappointed I am to see you cannot let go of your grudges. You let your hatred get in the way of informing people that come here for whatever they come her (I find your writing amusing in your best days and ridiculous on your worst - I do a lot of eye rolling).
Your last comment about how she brings whatever you think she feels into the schools she visits is ill-intended. You are messing with someone's job and how they make a living. This is your hobby.

I would encourage you to check yourself and dig deep. There has to be a reason why you can't possibly let go.

I debated between staying anonymous and signing my name. Because you will never forgive me for calling you out I chose to use a moniker. But believe me when I say I am not TCG, and I really don't care who else attacks you or you attack. Do something more productive. Life is short.

I didn't start this.

It would be a waste of energy hating her. I think she's more sad and pathetic than anything else and probably her own worst enemy. (Am I the one who caused the Superintendent to tell her to not directly contact the Super or the Board? Nope, she did that all by herself.)

I'm messing with someone's job? She came at me and has continued on. So where's the sympathy for my reputation, my brand and my work? Because I don't get paid, that all means nothing? Anyone would defend themselves.

I am being productive - my stats here have never been higher. I have been astonished but more and more posts are getting over 1,000 hits.

The people I know are those with integrity. Clearly, not your strong point if you can't sign your name. (Hint: if you have to write - "but believe me"- no one is going to believe you.)

I would encourage you to check yourself and dig deep. There has to be a reason why you keep coming to this blog.

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