Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community Meeting


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you posted this here, Melissa. The School for the Deaf, which includes the Washington State Center for Childhood Deafness and Hearing Loss, and the School for the Blind are unconstitutional entities. They receive common school funds but are not overseen by a board of locally elected officials. They have boards of trustees appointed by the governor.

They are an affront to our democracy!

Citizen Kane

Melissa Westbrook said...

Well, and apparently the legislature will fix this issue (at least for this group because the charter law has more issues than just funding.)

And, by the way, a little unkind of you to bring this in this thread because these families have been struggling for a very long time to get the district to work with them on a program.

Anonymous said...

How about the hundreds of disenfranchised, traditionally underserved, low-income students of color in SPS who have been struggling for a very long time to get the district to work with them on a program?

Your unrelenting attacks on the current charter schools and the students and families in them MANY people consider unkind.

Citizen Kane

Anonymous said...

And just so you know, I am completely and without reservation supportive of the CDHL, the School for the Deaf, and the School for the Blind, as well as Running Start, the EEU, tribal schools, the Early Entrance Program at UW, and charter schools.

Citizen Kane

Melissa Westbrook said...

If you read back here, over years and years, you will see evidence of my fight for all students. Today, for example, I publicized that the SEA is supporting Middle College - as am I - in their fight to stay alive. They are one of the places where disadvantaged kids can get help to stay in school.

That I believe in some efforts and not others makes me a careful person.

I attack charter schools because I don't believe in them. So far, they have not done well by their families and the families unhappiness is very related to the lack of caring on the part of the schools themselves.

Citizen Kane, this is not about me. But you can make it that way if that is your only argument.

Josh Hayes said...

Yes, CK, jump off of Rosebud for a second and look at your list of things you support. One of those things is not like the others (I hope you also support Sesame Street!), because on that list there's ONE thing that doesn't work, and all the rest do. Can you figure out which it is? I'll give you a hint: it's the one driven largely by profit-motivated entities.

Tl;dr: Just putting a bunch of things in a sentence together doesn't make them related.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Josh, you're such a kidder.

But ALL of those things ARE related. According to our esteemed state Supreme Court, they are all unconstitutional. They all are schools or school programs funded out of the State General Fund (co-mingled with common school funds) but without oversight of a locally elected board.

And let me give you a hint: Charter schools in large urban cities do work, and better even than the traditional public schools. Check out the CREDO study from 2013 that you anti-vaxxers, er, um, I mean anti-reform folks conveniently ignore.

--- aka

seattle citizen said...

CDHL is one institution that serves a specific group of children from the entire state. Totally appropriate that it be under the auspices of the state. Running Start students are part of the HS they come from, AND they are being Intruction by a community college. So they are overseen by their publuc school while being served by a community college. Tribal schools operate in sovereign nations and therefore under different compacts.

Charters just want to be public schools in their neighborhoods...but without elected boards. Unconstitutional, unnecessary, and a distraction.

Laura said...

Thank you, Melissa, for posting the meeting flyer.

CDHL is a state agency that provides program evaluations and resources to all school districts state wide (preK to 12). Schools are required by law to report the numbers of deaf and hard of hearing students each year. SPS has not been reporting each year.

Families have been reporting SPS to the state and DOJ for lack of services and programming for many years since the quality of program has deteriorated in the last 20 years. The DHH program has been existing for over 40 years in SPS system. SPS cannot ignore the magnitude of problems it has in the DHH program anymore.

Anonymous said...

SC, you should read the Supreme Court ruling on charter schools. The justices state that common schools must be under the "total control" of elected boards, which includes the authority to hire and fire the teaching staff. There are full-time Running Start students and they never set foot on the high school campus for the entire time they are enrolled in Running Start and attending the college. These students and the common school funds that support them are NOT under the "total control" of the school board nor do the school board members hire and fire the college instruction staff. Accordingly, these are unconstitutional.

Tribal schools, while operated by sovereign nations, receive funds from the State General Fund. The Supreme Court stated that common school funds are "co-mingled" with other funds and therefore could not be segregated to determine which are common school funds and which aren't. Therefore, any funds out of the State General Fund in support of schools that are not common schools, i.e., in the "total control" of locally elected officials, are unconstitutionally granted to non-common schools.

The same is true of the School for the Blind and CDHL. Fortunately, there are legislators who are supportive of all of these options, including charter schools, who will do right by all of these schools and programs and the students and families they serve. I don't find any of them to be unnecessary nor a distraction. Shame on you for thinking otherwise.

--- aka

Anonymous said...

EEU on the other hand, is simply an agency contracted to implement IEPs. The IEP is the control, and all staff welcome. Fee $200,000. The district has multimillion dollar contracts with other agencies - CHILD, NW SOIL, some other psychiatric facility in Bellevue. All the same issues apply to these schools and contracts.... Yet, no problem. The district only chooses to uproot families at the good school, which also happens to be the cheap one.

Sped parent

Melissa Westbrook said...

Citizen Kane and Aka, I'll ask you to cease and desist here. You are off-topic and I already pointed it out.

That you want to pick a fight when the thread is about a group of underserved Special Ed students is appallingly bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

Got it. Mea culpa.

--- aka

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Lovely meeting!

Alex Hayes said...
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Alex Hayes said...

Charter schools in large urban cities do work, and better even than the traditional public schools. Check out the CREDO study from 2016 that you anti-vaxxers, er, um, I mean anti-reform folks conveniently ignore.
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