Support Seattle Special Ed Teachers Today

Sorry I'm seeing these all late but this Give Tuesday is a big one. 

This #GivingTuesday, help to make education more inclusive #ForEveryKid. Google is teaming up with, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for teachers, to make it easier to fund as many special education projects as possible. 

If donors like you fund the first half, we’ll get the rest, up to $1MM.


Anonymous said…
This just breaks my heart. Please sign this petition to send a message that it is never funny and is totally unacceptable for educators to refer to students with learning disabilities and disabling medical conditions as "the chronically tarded and the medically annoying".

During the Campaign for America’s Future Awards Gala in October 2015 the President of the National Education Association (NEA), Lily Eskelsen Garcia, made the following statement:

“We diversify our curriculum instruction to meet the personal individual needs of all of our students the blind, the hearing impaired, the physically challenged, the gifted and talented, the chronically tarded and the medically annoying.”


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