Yoo Hoo, Washington Legislature (and Governor Inslee)

I was just in Minnesota - great place with good education.  (Funny thing - in my sister's city, they have an out-of-retirement superintendent running their district.)


Charlie Mas said…
Could we get another like this with Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback?
He drastically cut taxes on the rich and business owners resulting in downgrades to the state's bond rating, state revenues woefully under projections, and severe cuts in education investment but no notable increase in jobs or businesses.
n said…
And then got re-elected.
Joe Wolf said…
Minnesota and Wisconsin are a real-life experiment in the outcomes that flow from applying two very different political philosophies to states with similar fundamentals. Excellent analysis via Mother Jones:



Joe Wolf said…
Charlie - see in particular the second article I linked to above.

Washington State is at first blush sort of like Minnesota: A bright blue metro with 1/2 the state's population, and the other 1/2 in somewhat more conservative towns and rural areas. Minnesota has the history, though of the Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_Democratic%E2%80%93Farmer%E2%80%93Labor_Party), a very progressive bunch overall. Washington State's conservatives seem to be more of a libertarian bent.
Anonymous said…
Minnesota's NAEP scores look good until you adjust them for demographics, then WA is actually a little higher. MN has a very large achievement gap: http://www.twincities.com/localnews/ci_29034342/nations-report-card-gives-minnesota-students-lackluster-grades

The poverty rate for Blacks in MN is much higher than in WA.

Joe Wolf said…
LisaG - good point and perspective.

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