Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wishing you Safe and Happy Holidays

https://globallivingrealty.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/fannie-freddie-will-freeze-foreclosures-for-the-holidays.jpgThe blog is going to be powering down for a bit.  We all need a break to enjoy our families and our holiday traditions.  No open thread this week unless I see some breaking news to get out to you.

I am told there is a Christmas Eve  event in the sky (seriously).  Newsweek is reporting:

On Christmas Eve, a gargantuan asteroid is on track to be visible from our planet via telescope.
But not to worry: There’s no danger of a Christmas Day apocalypse. The 3-kilometer-long asteroid (named 163899, or 2003 SD220) will be sailing by at a safe distance of 6.7 million miles.

Also of interest, there will be a rare full moon before the sun comes up on Christmas Day.  It's the first full moon since 1977 so Santa and all the reindeer will be able to see the way very clearly.