Monday, December 07, 2015

OSPI Releases New Data on Student Discipline

OSPI announced today the release of new data on student discipline.  According to the press release:

In May, OSPI released data that answered the questions, “How many students are suspended or expelled?” and “Who is suspended or expelled?” 

This time, the data answer the following questions: 

“How many times were students suspended or expelled?”
“How long were they removed?” and
“For which behaviors?”

From the OSPI K-12 Data and Reports page:

Data Files
You can see that the last item - Discipline Behavior - is the one with the newest information.  I have not had time yet to review this new information but wanted to put this out for readers to have.  

OSPI Discipline Equity website for more information and resources


mirmac1 said...

Ironic that OSPI has this data but, if you listen to Pegi McEvoy, SPS has no clue of any of this.....

Anonymous said...

this link might be useful for anyone who wants a quick state-wide overview:



Anonymous said...


This .pdf suggests that this data was not collected in reference to students with disabilities. There is no information about students with IEPs and disciplines. Can this possibly be the case? Absolutely mind-blowing, if so.

Exasperated reader

Anonymous said...

Exasperated reader:

That's strange that it is not in the .pdf
There is some data looking at special education in the different spreadsheets. Spoiler: the statewide numbers are not good.


Carol Simmons said...

The Seattle Public Schools Data Profile District Summary that was discontinued in 2010 needs to be resumed. Director Peters requested the Staff report on doing this. When will the Data Profile report Document be resumed?