New Seattle School Board

2016 Board Officers:
  Director Patu - President
  Director Peters  - Vice President
  Director Harris - Member-at-Large

Please note that any director's direct e-mail address is:

first name.last

To write to just the entire Board -

To write to the Board plus senior leadership -

This Board's first retreat is this Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm at JSCEE.  Agenda.  Lots of new member issues like "hopes and aspirations for the coming year," committee assignments (both within and outside of the district), and, as always, governance.

Dec 2015 Board Photo
SPS photo


David said…
Thanks for serving on the school board, all of you! It's a hard and important job. Make a difference!
mirmac1 said…
I'm hopeful that, five years after Goodloe-Johnson, we will finally have "systems in place" at SPS JSCEE. Then the cost$ spent downtown can go down and more sent to schools and classrooms.
Anonymous said…
That is a seriously bad photo - everyone is looking in different directions...lets hope that isn't portents of things to come ;o)

Reader 47, I think it was too many photographers. I wish they had allowed the person taking the official photo to go first.
Watching said…
Great to see fresh faces and new energy? Best wishes to a group of passionate and committed individuals that are willing to support our students.
Watching said…
Sorry for the typo!!!

I meant to say: Great to see fresh faces and new energy!!!
mirmac1 said…
S'funny to see this group at Saturday's retreat: at Leslie's suggestion use first names; and then, at every opportunity, call Rick Burke "Woodshop!" It's hard work, may as well have fun doing it.

Blanford seemed to want to talk the whole time, and mansplain the concept of a) ignoring "special interests" and holding to telling the unwashed what's good for 'em; and b) policy policy policy quit micromanaging. The WSSDA trainer (who did a good job of driving discussion) had her job cut out for her.

I thought I could retire from my job of eyerollin' and head-shakin', and for most part I have. Just not when Blanford has the microphone.

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